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I play the platinum. I've tried the black as well, but for my 95 SS I seem to hit the platinum farther and higher. Both are great balls. I prefer the softer feel and spin around the greens with the Platinum. The black may be a bit straighter, lower launch, and less spin around the greens. At least that's my experience.
I own a 18* vr pro hybrid and a 17* Vr pro 4 wood.  Im currently going back and forth between the two.  I seem to hit the hybrid more consistent, but not quite as long.  I can use the hybrid for stingers off the tee, and when its windy.  The 4 wood goes higher and a touch longer.  I was gonna sell the hybrid as its not as long, but think now I'll keep it for windy days or shorter courses to hit on par 4's.  
I've had decent luck with Nike Classic or Elite feel gloves.  I've never much cared for the lycra "stretch" stuff on gloves.  I prefer the whole thing Cabretta with none of that cloth stuff.  I found 6 of these gloves on ebay for $60 shipped.  For $10 a glove I couldn't turn it down.  Another sleeper brand is the MasterGrip aka MG gloves.  Buy one get one free works out to like $11 a glove, but you also have to pay for shipping.  
I have a white belt, so what?  If im wearing a white shirt with khaki or black pants why do I have to wear brown or black belts?  Leave me alone.  
I haven't played around too much, but with pro v's.  I do believe the v1x is longer by maybe 5 or so yards.  I play the v1 because I like the extra spin, and I can work the ball if i have to.  I don't think the extra 5 yards of the tee is gonna be a gamebreaker for me.
I've tried using the GHIN app recently.  It hangs up and shows no posting.  If I do it again, it double posts.  My pro is getting upset with me by now I'm sure as he's had to delete several scores in the past few months.  As for the site, it has been really slow I think.  Also scores not showing up right away.
I'm sure he was referring to the "plates" on the tee boxes, not just the yardage on the card.  But yes, I have golflogix and skydroid.  both seem to be within 5 yards of the plates, I use it only when I am clueless( in the trees or other fairway).
I usually only wear a nike or titleist hat.  As said in the above post, only have white or black.  Too hard to match clothes with colored hats....  
Gaming V1 and V1x, making the move back to V1 after the x's are gone.
Sleeve of 20XI - S.  Ick..   Lost distance, bad durability.  I may try the X though.
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