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Impressive, but I feel bad for the greenskeeper who gets to try to fix the spike marks they lefts as they ran and jumped around to celebrate.
I think he means $700 for a full set, not just the irons. If this is the case, I personally have the Eye 2's and would recommend them to people who are just beginning. They are pretty forgiving as well as not looking as terrible as the G20's. They're aren't pretty, but at least the sole of your 7 irons isn't 2 inches from face to back (can't stand the new ping G series irons, so fat and chunky).
Catching up with hands doesn't necessarily mean maximum speed. Also, that swing is Tiger hitting a "stinger", not a normal shot, which is why his hands are so far forward
I think he confused the idea of accelerating through impact accelerating INTO impact. They sound the same when you read about them, but are completely different.
I agree with apotheosis. Unless there is a gap of 20 or more yards between clubs, there's nothing worth filling with another club.
As I was at the range earlier today, I was thinking about videotaping my swing to create a "My Swing" thread, but I thought of something important: I have no clue of the best way to go about this. I have an iPod with a camera that I use for music, as well as a digital camera, and my instructor uses an iPad occasionally to show me something in my swing. However, I'm unsure of whether I should use the iPod or the camera, as well as which angles are best to record from....
Adding to what Iacas has mentioned, just feel like you lower body moves towards the target (which carries your weight there) while your head remains at or slightly behind the ball into impact. Looking at the picture, and reading your analysis, it sounds like you have a fairly good understanding of the swing, so think of the followthrough being what carries your head forward into the finish position rather than the weight shift.
This is a very good explanation, but to put it in simpler terms and something you can try to incorporate into your swing: The moment of impact is a lot later than you would think, so the feeling of swinging the fastest right after impact is probably best for the majority of people. Once you start hitting top SS at impact, just focus more on maintaining that feeling throughout your clubs.
My best excuse was when I was in a tournament, and they actually let me redo my shot. The city I live in has tornado sirens on every golf course, as well as around town, and they just so happened to begin a test of them as I was swinging, causing me to shank one onto the railroad tracks. The rulekeeper was pretty cool about it though, after he and my playing partners stopped laughing, and I was able to retake the stroke.
For me, it has everything to do with not being able to make birdies with any sort of consistency. You can make pars all you like, but you will make at least 1 bogey per round more often than not, and I seem to be unable to offset them with birdies.
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