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Well truth be told the twenty hours is not all on the full swing change at least half is short game. and the second lesson is more like guided practice
Ok it is not a secreat but many of you will not want to hear it. It is quite simple.  Good instruction followed by a high volume of purposeful practice.  That is it. After years of chasing secrets my swing has changed from sever over the top to a nice inside out.     The secreat two lessons a week from an instructor who can explain what I need to do in many different ways and give be a practice plan to get there.  Then 20 plus hours a week of quality practice. Changes...
For me the fun frustration is the fun, why not just drive the cart 240 yards down the middle and play your second shot from there. Would accomplish the same thing
I just set up my new birdy ball green 2ft by 13ft it rolls great very much like real grass. My issue is I do not think it will hep too much. My problem is alignment not my stroke. When I sank 5 o 6 from12 ft I knew that having the two straight rdged of the strip made it very easy to align not sure if this will help on a true green
Here is a link to a book I have it give you a good idea of what you are looking for.   http://books.google.com/books/about/The_Picture_Perfect_Golf_Swing.html?id=pyl2Du8OXfsC
Never mind it seems there are only a few for rent
I just found out that many golf DVDs are on amazon you can buy them or rent them for 30 days for 1.99 or so.  I am gland I rented this one   "Hit down dam it"   Third thing he says is start your down swing by uncocking your wrists.     It seems to go down hill from there.   If you have rented a golf dvd on amazon please review it so we have an idea of what we are getting in to
This is what i know as a punisher. Since if you do it wrong it will hit you in the rib. Most people stick and old shaft or plain stick in the put in of a club. It really is helping me get the proper fell.  One problem is that  you have to start with the lab pre-set before your back swing
This is my model I will never get this much lag but it gives , me something to shoot for  
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