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although I hit all the fairways I was hitting it pretty short so had long clubs into most greens the greens I hit were mostly the par 3 and 5s. . I did hit several very bad Hybrids that that but me into sand or desert. So lost many strokes there. to many triples and worse. .    So I think I need to get some distance back on T shots and and improve long irons Hybrids. 
no sorry that was 4 greens/ round   I did three put about 50% of these. Not use to having so many long first putts.In past used to chipping from very close  
I had an Idea that Hitting fairways and GIR would be very important. this last week I played three 9 hole rounds were I hit every fairway and 4 greens ( this from a 20 hc. However my scoring was not that impressive. average of three rounds 48.   This go me thinking  so I look up this    Joe Durant   Driving Distance 276.6 156th Driving Accuracy Percentage 84.00% 1st Greens in Regulation Percentage 72.22% 2nd Strokes Gained – Putting -.755 182nd Birdie Average 2.89...
Well some times not so much I average 250 but my hc is 24, the 250 is seldom I. The fairway
Where I play the T it forward dista is based on your handicap or average score not your driver distance
Well reviving and okd thread but I just picked up all 4 k-15 hybrids 6-3 and love them very hard to miss hit
I am pretty sure my swing are not the same I know I have a very steep angle of attack on irons -10 and the driver is -3 to zero, by backswing is much flatter with the driver, I hav tired to shallow out my irons but when I do I hit them well much more hooking and slicing as well as fat and thin.
Why can I only hit one or the other, last week I played two rounds were I only missed two fairways with the driver average drive 250. But could not hit and iron at all. Today I only hit two fairway and average drive 200 yards, but I hit both par fives and both par threes in reg. Two 7 irons two 9 irons, all three insede 20 ft, So why does it have to be one or the other?
You can't just hit them you have to line them up
Ok last summer I found two as 7s was fun hitting ever fairway,
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