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Playing by the rules does not necessarily make one a snob.  I am a farmer by trade; yep a dig in the dirt type-o-guy, in other words, Joe Average.  I really don’t care how other folks play, but playing by the rules makes a round much more rewarding. Honestly, how can a player get excited after sinking a long putt for a birdie if it’s on their second or third ball off the tee?  When I pull up to a course in my pickup and end up playing with a guy who just arrived from...
Greetings from Maryland. I really dig the site, there are a lot of great discussions to be found here.  My story, (quickly): I was pretty much raised with a golf club in my hand, with my Dad as my only instructor. I drifted away from the game over the last decade or so and only played a couple of times a year. It hit me while watching this year’s US Open that I hadn’t shared a round with my Pop in a very long time. Dad and I got together for a twilight and it...
Yet another example why Direct TV should provide its subscribers with an updated remote that includes a "Mute Johnny Miller" button.
I heard an obviously effeminate man yell “Skittles” at this year’s U.S. Open (the one in the United States).  It was the only time I can remember belly laughing while watching a PGA event. I don’t miss the “You the man” guy at all. He never made me laugh.  If you want to be a drunken douchebag, that’s fine, go ahead and let the world know by yelling something ridiculous after every tee shot. Drunken douchbaggery  is not exclusively American, sad to say. I pretty sure...
Twilight rounds with my Dad, no question.  
Farmer, we all have to eat.  Dig the site, good stuff to read when I have to be inside.
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