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Thanks for the feedback.  I always knew I went way past parallel on my backswing.  The distance in doing so is nice but yeah it is inconsistant.  Also thanks for the over the top comment I had a feeling I was doing it just didn't notice how much until I watched my swing on video.
  I've been Playing Golf for:​ 5+ Years My current handicap index or average score is: - My typical ball flight is: High slight left to right fade The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: Any feedback is good feedback   Videos:
Its funny because Issac just amazes me.  His swing isnt the most complete swing and yet he pulls off great shots time after time.  I was rooting for Issac to beat anthony in the challenge just because of Issacs attitude but Anthony should of really given himself more of a shot than what he took himself for.  Finals for me look like Issac vs Mark aswell.  Mark looks like the most complete guy out there.
I wouldn't call mine superstitions but habbits I guess.  I do use broken tees only on par 3s.  Also if lets say a ball were to hit the road and get a brown scuff I gotta get a new ball.  If lets say I hit a wedge shot and the ball dug deep into the groves and took off some of the outer covering I get a new ball.  I look for any indents or the slightest mishaps on a ball and get a new one because I'm afraid it will mess with my putting.  I also can NOT golf with sweaters...
Well to be honest Im the longest hitter on my course and I average at least 290-300+.  Only few people on my course take as long of a swing as I do and take the club back as far as me either.  Im a righty and I can see the club out of my left eye when I take it back and not many guys can.  So I say alot of it is just swing mechanics, flexablilty and just making good contact.
Pretty simple.  Despite Tigers lackluster front nines and those unbearable tee shots for the first 2 days he didn't play all that bad.  Colsaerts was just a machine that one day and NOTHING AT ALL Tiger could of done.  Poulter and Rose were just so dynamic for the Euros making so many clutch putts.  Absolutely great job by Poulter and Rose and even the rest of the Euros.  But for sure the hurt and downfall of the U.S. was Stricker and Furyk.  I'm not trying to look like...
In the second video your swing looks alot better but try to keep a tempo.  Try to work out that little pause you have in the top and you will be good to go.  Keep a tempo and nice and smooth.
That's odd because I did the SAME exact thing but when I offered to show them the receipt on my phone they accepted that and I was able to play.  Different course different rules I guess.  But I really don't see the problem when the receipt is right on your phone.  Im sorry you had to go through that kinda makes sick when you golf that course next time if you ever do you know what I mean.
Played a par 5 today where you can not play driver off the first whole because of a ditch going across and even a 300 yard drive which I hit doesn't clear it all time so I laid up with a 3 iron but went left into some trees.  I had no shot to even get it acrossed the ditch from there so I took my three iron and punched in back in the fairway on the front side of the ditch I then had 230 left to the green which I used my 3 iron once more and made the green and dropped the...
Shot a 40 today on the front nine with 4 bogeys and a double with one birdie YIKES!  So I knew I had to kick it up on the back and I shot a 35 even par with Par on every hole on the back for a total of 75.  I had a scare after the front 9 seeing as I haven't shot 80 in the longest time and don't plan on doing that crap again.
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