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 A green which is surrounded by vegetation or in a depression often suffers from a lack of air movement.  Without the air movement, water on the grass can't evaporate, and it's that evaporation which keeps the grass cool.  So, fans must provide artificial air movement to prevent too much stress on the turf.  They're particularly prevalent with bent grass in southern climates.  You'll won't see as many (or often any) on courses that use warmer-season grasses such as Bermuda.
Wow.  Just glad he figured actually rolling it over might be going a bit too far.
Congrats!  You'd rank in the top 50 of the PGA tour.
 As ColinL pointed out, you can remove loose impediments with your club.  I would guess your coach does not want you to do so because someone might claim that in doing so, you improved your line of play by the club pressing something down, or perhaps the movement of the club altering how the grass lays.  
 Agreed the lack of knowledge of the caddy was surprising, but I'm not surprised about the announcers at all.  In general, there's a relationship:  the more vehemently an announcer argues about a rules issue, the more wrong he is about the actual rule.
In general, you take relief for one rule at a time.  If taking relief from one condition puts you into a position where you are entitled to relief under another rule, you then follow the procedure for that rule.  See decision below.   In the case described one would:   A)  Find the nearest point of relief for the ball on the cart path and drop according the procedure.   B)  Determine if the fence interfered with the stance, swing or lie from the new ball position....
 If your brother didn't want to hit out of the rough, why did he?  Just pull the ball out of all rough and hazards, and should a hazard be in the way, just pick up the ball and drop it on the other side.  You think other golfers would care?  Heck no.   Now, if he were trying to turn in a handicap or running around telling other golfers how badly he "beat" them, people are going to have an issue with that.  But if your brother wants to play with me, as far as I'm concerned,...
 Correct.  I also saw it on nearly every shot during the US Women's Amateur.  It happens all the time.
 No, it was always in-play.  However, the rules require you to re-drop the ball in that situation.  This was one of my misconceptions too.  I thought a drop which violated one of the provisions of 20-2(c) invalidated the drop.  However, if you look, you'll see nowhere under 20-2(c) does it say a drop is invalid.  It simply gives you a list of situations under which you MUST re-drop the ball. The same is true if you drop in wrong place, drop when you're supposed to place,...
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