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If it's causing grass to get mashed down at all, and in the rough it would have to be, it's improving his lie.
I would think they should:   1)  Consult TV coverage.  If the lie of the ball before being stepped on can be observed, use it to allow Speith to recreate the lie.   2) If TV coverage is not available, in equity, give Speith the option of a drop.
"The board" was wrong. He should have been penalized one stroke for lifting his ball without marking it.  If he attempted to replace the ball as close as possible to where he thought the ball lay (and it sounds like he did), then that's the only penalty.  However, if he just put the ball down without trying to figure out where would be the place closest to the original position, then he played from a wrong-place and would be penalized two strokes.  If it was determined he...
The women's tee box is defined by two club-lengths.  It matters not what is behind them.  You could have the yellow, white and blue tee markers all stacked up within your tee box and it wouldn't matter.  It looks like the way the club could make the hole more fair for the women is to remove or constantly prune back those trees immediately to the left of the women's tee box (or relocate the tee box).   The old drop zone was clearly illegal, so good on you for getting it...
 Yeah, but in the OP, the golfer purposely positioned his shadow to assist his partner.  If he happened to just be standing there and his partner asked him not to move, fine.  Or if his partner asked him to move away, fine.  But to allow him to purposely position his shadow to assist in eliminating distractions, I don't see how that's not a violation.
 I suspect you're right. Imagine a situation where you're hitting over a hill into the setting sun.  Your friend stands off to the side on top of the hill, purposely blocking the sun from your vision.  I'm sure that would be considered assisting as well.
 I would agree with rogolf.  Without explicit instructions, marking or evidence of water, it's just a feature of the course.   I recently played golf in Hawaii on a course built within lava fields.  I don't think the fields were marked at all, though the scorecard explicitly prohibited players from entering the lava.  Kind of a similar situation.
26/3 Unmarked Water Hazard Q.An unmarked ditch on the left of a hole is in bounds, but the left-hand margin is out of bounds. Accordingly, it is impossible to drop behind the water hazard under Rule 26-1b. A player's ball comes to rest in the ditch. Is the player restricted to playing the ball as it lies or proceeding under Rule 26-1a? A.It is the responsibility of the Committee to define accurately the margins of water hazards and lateral water hazards – see...
 Many (perhaps most) players are ignorant of the rules because they don't play by them enough.  When in a casual round golfers just throw a ball down wherever they feel like, it's no wonder they know don't proper drop or relief procedures. Incidentally, you should never feel bad for informing someone of the correct rule.  One thing I wish would change about the game of golf is for players to stop pretending it's someone else's fault when they break a rule.  It is NOT being...
I'm a big rules aficionado, but I don't call out other players if I'm not in a match with them them.  They can throw the ball on the green for all I care if it doesn't affect pace of play.   If I see someone doing something wrong and I think it's because they don't know the rule, I'll say, "Just checking - you do know that would be a penalty in a tournament, right?"
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