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Yesterday was the first time I was able to get out on the course this year. Because of the cold temps, our local courses were not able to open up until this past weekend.  Along with the cold temps, the lakes around the course still had ice on them.  There is one hole that you need to hit over the water onto a green along the edge of the lake.  I swung my wedge and got too far under the ball and it came up short, but instead of sinking to the bottom of the lake, it...
I get the same feeling.  Phelps pisses me off because he has one of the best teachers in the world (debatable) instructing him, but doesn't seem to give a rip.  He doesn't practice and is just lazy as hell.  I would love to see the next Haney project be a true amateur, not a celebrity.  This would be awesome.
So I had my first lesson on Wednesday with a pga pro.  I was impressed with what he did and I am excited to work on the things he gave me to work on. This is how it went:   Spent about 5-10 minutes warming up and having him check out my swing before he said anything.  First thing he did was ask about what my swing and the issues I was having with it and where I wanted to go with it. Looked at my posture, grip, and setup to make sure he didn't need to make...
I am not sure how well they play yet simply because I have not been able to play them much yet.  I plan on upgrading the shafts eventually and getting fitted for them.
They have great on the simulator, haven't been able to hit them on the range yet because of the weather in the midwest.  I have been very happy on the simulator so far though.
I have the nickent 3dx hybrids and love them. Easy to heat and I have gotten great distances with them. Replaced my 3 wood with the 17*
I think the fedex way is the best because you can insure your clubs and don't need a hard case.  On the cost, I am not sure how much it is but it can't be more than what the airline would charge and the convenience of it is nice too.  I am going to play one of the Disney courses in december and I am planning on using fedex to send my clubs.
I would get so mad having to hit just a tee for an hour!  I would say "F%^& this" and walk away.  LOL
Looking at both. I can get the 2012 model for about $10 less over the 2013 version. I know there are some changes to the materials in the new model. Are you changes to the new version worth the additional money?
I have a mickey mouse head on mine. Just use a sharpie to do 1 big circle and 2 small circles. I am a big Disney fan so I have the same thing on top of my r11s white driver, have a Mickey towel, and my ball marker is a coin from Disney world. Makes me think of the happiest place on earth and a reminder to just have fun.
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