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feel golf makes 73* wedge here is the website http://www.feelwedges.com/shop/?cPath=6_40 Here is the review in TST review section (not for 73* though) http://thesandtrap.com/equipment/clu...f_wedge_review hope that helps
ah !! Thanks I was looking for one !! I did reinstall twice and the problem still there but like I said earlier I did whole bunch stuffs and watch YouTube in the same time and that probably is the main cause of the whole problem. My mac didn't freeze in the last two days since I get rid of the "listen music on YouTube" thing and I don't use wireless no more ... damn the stupid router or I should say mac is too picky cause my PC's wireless connection seems fine while mac...
I have been monitoring my CPU column whole night (again) .... Every time when I start to watch videos on YouTube, %CPU jumps up around 50 ~70% range. It freeze up a twice while I am watching some clips without opening up any other application but it came back up again. No doubt why my comp. freeze like crazy couple days ago because I was listening to music on YouTube while doing whole bunch things in the same time. I reset Safari and the CPU% stays stable around 40~50%,...
I repaired up my permission this afternoon and everything seems fine so far. Freeze up twice, came back up ... so it shouldn't be the freeze freeze like couple days ago. I have been watching my activity monitor whole night and found out that I have whole bunch of inactive processes... it's about 450MB sitting there and do nothing now and still growing ... do I suppose to get all that ???
thanks guys ..... my girlfriend's iMac runs the same program as I do, and some other junks but never had problem like that .... but anyway I will try what you guys suggested and used my warranty later I downloaded Onyx ... hope that "Repair Permissions" does the same thing..
My macbook is driving me crazy!!! I just picked up this Macbook (2.2GHz 1G Ram) during x'mas. I was very glad with this purchase until recently.... it start to freeze like crazy !!! By freeze I mean ... the rainbow circle thingy pop-up and freeze up everything. Sometimes it "unfreeze" itself but most of the time I just have to force it to reset, because force quit does not work!! At first I thought it caused by MS office, so I removed it ... nothing...
I think you should get a great wedge instead of buying a crappy one. Like KingCobra said, there are so many used Vokey and other great wedges out there on ebay. I picked up my x-tour for $40
Ladies' shaft flex is much much softer than your regular flex club and that's the biggest difference
maybe we should yell "it's par 4(5)" when we hear "in the hole" next time. See what will happen
next question please ....
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