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I gots two home courses. One I play while I'm at school: http://www.golfcourse.uga.edu (phenomenal course) and one while I'm not at school: http://canongategolf.com/index.cfm?menu=5513
Dude, I know! That is one weird looking swing. But then again, so is Jim Furyk's.
Forget the long-drive controversey.... that story is just too weird to finish reading. I need a shower. "She's a MAN, Baby..."
I always enjoy a stogie during a round of golf. In fact, if I don't smoke one during the course of my round, I don't play as well
Use a bright red ball, ala Rodney Dangerfield
Actually, Santa was pops, and he took me down to the PGA store and got me set up with a brand new set of Nike sumo irons. First new set of clubs I've ever had (old set were 15-20 year old cobras), and I'm stoked. I swear I'm going to play golf in the morning, and I don't care if it is going to be 25 degrees. I was loving the way I was hitting them at the simulator range in the store, I just can't wait to get out and try them out. Sorry if this is a "who cares" for...
Rare accomplishment? Consistent mistakes like that are the reason I'm a 23 handicapper! :laugh:
For me this week, well, considering I'm not all that good yet, Par 3, 190 yards to front edge of the green with a bunker that wraps around the front left side, pin on the back right side of the green, about 40 feet back. Hit a 3 iron off the tee, really hit it solid, started a bit left but faded just a tad to the right, hit the front of the green and rolled up to about 20 feet from the pin. The green isn't very wide, only about 25 feet, and I always seem to miss it right...
Played 36 holes today, shot 101 on the first 18 and was frustrated because I just felt like early in the round I wasn't doing anything right but towards the 2nd half of the back 9 I was doing everything right, so I played another 18 and hit 102.
I agree, and I really wanted Hugo and Camilla to win. They were the best couple by far through the majority of the competition, they just made a couple of mistakes right at the very end. I don't think either Haymes or Bernie has much of a future on the pro tours, while I think Huge definitely does, and the LPGA could use a face like Camilla's (and by that I mean, an extremely attractive younger female who would draw some attention). Yeah, some may say that isn't...
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