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Like 155-165 depending on swing/trajectory
Shorts and a tee shirt. If it gets really cold I might switch to pants.
I HATE the back 9 there. Some horrible course design there. But the front is amazing, love just about every hole.
No rakes? What the hell is that?! That is one of the more stupid things I have heard a course do.
If you have to ask...you arn't good enough.
Give us a video of your swing.
I average about 32 putts.
Since I saw someone in my group do this before (randomly assigned playing partner) and seen it happen to my ball I am not crazy.
I always thought I had to take the penalty, didn't know that rule! On an off topic note I have been working hard on my driving accuracy the past few weeks in preparation for TR. I actually hit 6/8 fairways on the last 9 I played. So that means porbably 4 penalty strokes at TR
There is an even that really grinds my gears like no other. This happened to me during my round Sunday, I pushed my drive on the 10th tee into a group of trees to the right, I watched the ball settle down into the grass knowing exactly where it ended up and proceeded to let my playing partners hit. So as I walk up to where my ball landed I see a ball right there, but it was not the brand new TP Red I hit, it was a top flite xl. I had noticed the group on the 18th hole...
New Posts  All Forums: