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Played Mountain falls golf course in Pahrump,NV yesterday (not as windy as my last post from Mountain Falls)         This little guy was crossing the fairway. Anybody know what kind of snake this is  ?
This little Gem in Pharump,NV is always worth the drive for us locals in Las Vegas who know about how nice this course is for ridiculously cheap.. Today was pretty windy throughout the day, at one point we waited a few minutes for the huge cloud of dust to pass so we could see the green.   Moutain Falls Golf Club #9 (Two Greens are on this hole due to originally being a 9 hole course.)     Mini Dust Storm  
pictures please!
I didn't think this thread all the way through, this might make enemies among one another.
Thanks. I'm a stage manager for a live Magic show and stand up comedy show
Do you ever get to Golf for free ? For example:The job pays for it, you know someone, or you're on a team.....   I sure do love free Golf, it doesn't come too often,but when it does it sure is awesome.Working in the entertainment business has certainly been beneficial sometimes to helping me play without having to pay green fees. I get to play in the morning because I comped someone tickets to my show and bought them a round of drinks. Golfnow used to help with getting...
I was invited to play The Las Vegas Country Club today. Its a nice relaxing fun course. Reminds me a lot like Spanish Trails that is also located in LV.          This is a cool hole because you hit towards the Westgate (formerly the Hilton) as the Backdrop for this Par 3. It gives a cool visual effect when watching your ball flight  
That's like saying it is perfectly ok to walk into a store and take four bites out of a sandwich and leave without paying for it. 
 Pauite is not that bad of a drive compared to mesquite, and usually its in better condition than most public courses in town due to having their own water rights. Pauite consist of 3 courses, I've played Snow and Sun Mountain a few times. Have yet to play wolf course which boast being the Longest course in Nevada (7,604 yrds) and a really cool island green par 3. I'd say Snow is the easier of the three. Still be sure to have the beginners play from a tee box that isn't...
I had the chance to play Bali Hai for free thanks to my boss. It isn't one of the best courses out here and there are quite a few negatives, but it certainly isn't a dump. Again, it's really close to the strip and if you don't have a rental and venture too far off the path you'll be paying a lot of money to a taxi driver instead of paying towards golf.  Same goes for Dessert Pines and National that are extremely closer than most courses. In my opinion National is more for...
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