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If you do be sure to rent a GolfBoard http://thesandtrap.com/t/79653/first-time-golfing-on-the-golfboard
I played both TPC Las Vegas and A.P mountain course lasy week and without a doubt Angel Parks rolled extremely faster. Probably some of the fastest I've played in awhile. No joke Hate, Hate , Hate Badlands...kicks my ass every time. Great course to bet money if you know the course vs a first timer. National isn't in the best shape but very close to the strip and a course with a lot of history. Tiger Woods won his 1st PGA tournament ever there. Bali Hai is nice, but for...
Really well that never seemed to be a issue.
Then you would really like it. All the steering is from shifting your weight like a skateboard/surfboard.
[/IMG]Today I got the chance to ride the golfboard @National G.C in Las Vegas,NV for 9 holes (had to go to work) 9 holes took about 3 hours due to being a full comp day for casino hospitality industry. Anyhow, I didn't plan on riding the board but the course were running out of carts and the board was free ($15 for 9 or $20 for 18 holes) National claims to be the only course in the nation to be renting the golfboard. You have to watch a really boring video, then show the...
Today I took my clubs in to have new grips put on. With the new set of grips I got from my friend and only two bucks a club at GoLow Golf in Las Vegas (indoor driving range) I thought it was a steal. Golf Galaxy charges $3.50 a grip! I'm not the superstitious type,but I couldn't bring myself to change the P-wedge grip that gifted me with the ace just yet. I really don't want to piss the golf gods off. I figured it would be a bad gesture lol
My Facebook friend said I completed 1 out of 3 of lifes achievements. The other two are bowling 300 and pocketing the 8-ball on the break.
Thanks Everyone. Yes, Thankfully there was only one other person playing with me. It was a round of tasty bloody Mary's and a celebratory burning of the sacred plant.  It didn't even occur to me to save the ball until my playing partner said to save it. It was a dirty Maxfli water ball that I pulled out of my pocket to save from losing the titliest nxt I was using lol.    Its still a little surreal. I've never even seen a ace until yesterday, I'd always ask strangers I...
Its a really short hole for sure, it's a  water carry with bunkers on the back side. From the tips the course plays 6339 with a 69.8/121
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