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Today I took my clubs in to have new grips put on. With the new set of grips I got from my friend and only two bucks a club at GoLow Golf in Las Vegas (indoor driving range) I thought it was a steal. Golf Galaxy charges $3.50 a grip! I'm not the superstitious type,but I couldn't bring myself to change the P-wedge grip that gifted me with the ace just yet. I really don't want to piss the golf gods off. I figured it would be a bad gesture lol
My Facebook friend said I completed 1 out of 3 of lifes achievements. The other two are bowling 300 and pocketing the 8-ball on the break.
Thanks Everyone. Yes, Thankfully there was only one other person playing with me. It was a round of tasty bloody Mary's and a celebratory burning of the sacred plant.  It didn't even occur to me to save the ball until my playing partner said to save it. It was a dirty Maxfli water ball that I pulled out of my pocket to save from losing the titliest nxt I was using lol.    Its still a little surreal. I've never even seen a ace until yesterday, I'd always ask strangers I...
Its a really short hole for sure, it's a  water carry with bunkers on the back side. From the tips the course plays 6339 with a 69.8/121
Today I got my first hole in one on the 3rd hole at Las Vegas Golf Club. I hit a P-wedge for a 100 yard shot that rolled into the cup. I thought it was a close tap in birdie from the box, then I couldn't see the ball but I figured it was behind the pin. as we drove up to the green my playing partner said it's in the cup.I didn't believe it till I walked up to the green and no ball was in sight.    It was so awesome. I know it was only a 100 yard shot, mind you it was...
Had a dog on the course run up to me while playing as a single, he was so tired, thankfully his collar had a number so I got in touch with the owners   Seeing two cops on a golf cart chasing after someone on the course was sorta odd.   I once hit a shot so bad I hit a billboard and landed on it.
Moe Norman- I think it would've been incredible to play a round with him.   Bill Murray    The third person in my group and the person I'm ridding in the cart with is ....... Willie Nelson. ;)
I will usually look at the scorecard and see what the yardage is for that particular course. I'm comfortable playing in the 6,200-6500 range. If I play at 6500+ its going to be a lot of woods and hybrids on the second shots on par 4's. I never understood why someone would set them self up for failure for playing too far back.    I also think long hitters should play the tips, it makes it quicker if the balls are in the same general area of the group you're paired with in...
 Very cool, I'll have to try to get out there and play it next time I'm visiting. The nicest course I've played in the metroplex is Cowboys Golf Club, Wow!  That place is amazing, Staff, comp food and drink sets that place above everything else I played out there. Tour 18 was ok, I really enjoyed playing Fossil Creek and Bear creek.  Vegas has a very similar thing too, it's called Royal Links. Its always really pricey but golfnow has had some pretty good specials so I may...
Ever Play The Tribute ? If So, How did you like it ? 
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