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Had a dog on the course run up to me while playing as a single, he was so tired, thankfully his collar had a number so I got in touch with the owners   Seeing two cops on a golf cart chasing after someone on the course was sorta odd.   I once hit a shot so bad I hit a billboard and landed on it.
Moe Norman- I think it would've been incredible to play a round with him.   Bill Murray    The third person in my group and the person I'm ridding in the cart with is ....... Willie Nelson. ;)
I will usually look at the scorecard and see what the yardage is for that particular course. I'm comfortable playing in the 6,200-6500 range. If I play at 6500+ its going to be a lot of woods and hybrids on the second shots on par 4's. I never understood why someone would set them self up for failure for playing too far back.    I also think long hitters should play the tips, it makes it quicker if the balls are in the same general area of the group you're paired with in...
 Very cool, I'll have to try to get out there and play it next time I'm visiting. The nicest course I've played in the metroplex is Cowboys Golf Club, Wow!  That place is amazing, Staff, comp food and drink sets that place above everything else I played out there. Tour 18 was ok, I really enjoyed playing Fossil Creek and Bear creek.  Vegas has a very similar thing too, it's called Royal Links. Its always really pricey but golfnow has had some pretty good specials so I may...
Ever Play The Tribute ? If So, How did you like it ? 
working on the strip six nights a week and hosting a band at my venue four nights out of my work week, my concert going is non existent. Although, for my Birthday I'm going to go see The Dirty Heads and Pepper at Mandalay Beach. 
Best of luck to you. If his death helps you turn around your habits, you've helped turn something sad into something positive. Tony Gwynn seemed to love the sport he played. Hearing espn reel of his offensive stats are remarkable, nobody will ever be able to carve their way into the history books the way he beautifully did. not to mention his numerous gold gloves, he was one of the greats. It is without question a sad day for baseball indeed.  
 I've walked Shadow Creek once for the M.J tournament and really couldn't imagine a place being anymore amazing that's located in Las Vegas. I've heard arguments from the locals that say Cascatta and the wynn is comparable. I would think Southern Highlands or Dragon Ridge is a bit more tricky than LVCC to get on and play. What LVCC has that they don't, is that it's on the strip and I think that adds to allure of thecourse. Unlike Bali Hai, It's on the strip but in a...
I had the opportunity to play TPC Summerlin this last Monday. The greens were amazing, I loved the speed and roll of the ball. It was so cool to play the same course that I've walked while watching the pros play. This is where I was standing on #10 for my first ridiculously long chip that went in for birdie, it was freaking awesome.
I live off the strip in vegas, Driving to courses range from 15 minutes to about an hour (pauite,pharump,boulder city). I couldn't imagine having to always play one course all the time. I like the experience of trying new courses. My goal was to play all the Las Vegas courses on Golfnow but they added the Wynn ($500 a round) to the site so that goal isn't going to happen
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