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My top three would be in this order Mitch Hedberg (One of the funniest comics ever) 2, Robert Schimmel 3. Steven Wright... Also a fan of Joe Rogan & Carlin.  I'm a stage manager for a comedy club on the strip. I have a whole slew of favorites that I'm sure you've never heard of them :) Although, from blue collar of comedy Ron White has done guest spots the last two nights on our stage. He's a extremely cool guy. 
 Bridgestone J40 Driver  callaway diablo 3wood Adams a30s 3h,4h,5h & 6 through pitch irons. Odyssey white hot putter. no name sand wedge and tipping wedge. not to mention a few desert rock clubs in the bag that come in handy 
I was at home awaken by a text from my boss asking if I wanted to play Bali Hai 25 mins before they tee'd off. After jumping out of bed and getting to the course this is what I was greeted with. Nice course right on the strip & awesome staff running the place. [IMG]
A few shots from Paiute:snow course in the Las Vegas area.
Very cool film. I only started playing golf when I turned 25. It was very cool seeing young kids be so passionate about the sport, each of them seemed to enjoy it for the most part. Wonder how far  anna kournikova's brother career will  go in the future. 
Yikes, some of these post are pretty discouraging. Really should have did my research before booking flights that early in March. Honestly figured it wouldn't be too bad, Guess I'm spoiled in Las Vegas. Played Stallion Mountain today with a short sleeve shirt on. Oh well, have to make the best of it I suppose. Hopefully its nice, but from the sound of things it may not be. 
Whoops I'll be there March 8th through the 11th, then off to Dallas to visit family. Hope the weather is bearable that time of the year in CO. Thanks for the suggestions.
I'll be there for a short vacation to participate in the new law the good people of Colorado voted on last year and would like to get a few days of Golf in. I was wondering what are some of the "must play" courses when visiting CO. So far Arrowhead looks pretty cool, has anyone played it, would you recommend it ? Also, What other courses do you suggest I play ? Thank you. Hopefully in the 60.00 or less range for a round. Any good food spots I need to try too ? 
Much better than golf channels pick up the pace promotional videos.
New Posts  All Forums: