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Why dont you tell people when you delete thier posts? I thought I had a good post started.I mean gees why did you delete it? WTF? Totally stupid if you ask me.And BS like this is what makes you never want to come back here.
Ive been watching this french kid.Hes the real deal.I see him being on the next 3 ryder cups for the english team.
If callaway was smart they would get migel to do a callaway version of this commercial lol It would be a hit!  
I know phil and tiger isnt playing but still.I guess that shows why the united states dont do good in ryder cup style golf.I would really like to see fowler win but just dont see that happening.I see jason day winning this tourney.He came close last yr.   Your thoughts?
I think this is the secret move my golf swing is missing.See short videos below to see what I am talking about.Any other instructional videos to help me with this move/body turn into the ball? I can see this helping improving my ball striking and hopefully lowering my scores too.    
I recorded the last round and just now watching it.Seeing some tempers flare ..I seen Matt every blow up on hole 18 when he missed a putt by inches.I think he said every foul word and it was caught on camera.And kirk sticking his club in the ground.
 The turkey event next week is really promoting it on golf channel.It seems that commercial comes on every hour and its highlights of nothing but tiger woods :(
Does anybody else find it entertaining hearing some of the Chinese fans reaction after a good shot? lol
Lets see.Ive been watching pro golf for a good 2 years solid and its the first time I seen it happen,I guess thats why
In pro golf I seen phil the thrill mark another players ball in the china tourney.I was surprised,I thought that wasnt allowed or would be frowned upon on the tour.
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