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Playing a team match and I am one up through 16 and playing a 499 yard downhill par 5. My opponent is a young bomber who will certainly have a shot to the green with a good drive. I hit a pretty decent 250 yarder (downwind) off the tee but I just don't have the shot in my bag to go for the green, particularly because there is a hazard short of the green. My opponent is only 185 out after a +300 bomb to the middle of the fairway. I go to lay up with an 8-iron and hit my...
 Pass the kouchie . . . I partake and play golf once a year in an outing with the same three guys. The two endeavors don't necessarily mix well for me but we always have a lot of laughs that day.
 He has been ridiculously close multiple times over the last five years, including some Majors. It had to be weighing heavily on him.
Tebow will never be an Eagle. Chip just likes to be on the front page of every sports website out there. Plus he likes the kid and is giving him a chance to get some reps since they don't know when Bradford will be ready for football activities.
http://www.gapgolf.org/GTMFinalScores.asp?id=17&pid=2&dor=0&cmd=byr&evid=1856&wk=1   The world's largest golf tournament got underway once again yesterday, the Golf Association of Philadelphia's team matches. Association member clubs from the Jersey shore to the Poconos with multiple teams compete for three weeks in individual and better-ball matches. The top tier (Division AA) is the real prize, but over four thousand golfers get to play home and away against teams...
 And that's what happens when you cherry pick and take what people say out of context (which Shindig did), something you in particular are very good at, BTW. The point was about the USGA and their obsession with par. I know because I WROTE IT! sheesh. you people.
 Excuse me, but I think I know what MY point was. I never said anything about "subsets" of players. I don't think it was fair to ANYBODY to have a 270 yard uphill par 3 because of an unnecessary attempt by the USGA to protect par. The course would have stood on it's own. I repeat. The point is the USGA's obsession with par.
I have played three rounds to date and have yet to play in less that 25 MPH winds. One of the rounds was a steady 40 MPH the whole day. Tough to get a feel.
 You totally missed the point. I wasn't talking about "subsets" of participants and their relative merits in relation to the golf course. I was talking about the USGA and their obsession with par, particularly with the older tracks. My point was that it wasn't necessary to do what they did to Merion. They didn't play a Hugh Wilson design, they played a Mike Davis design.
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