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Played there in June and attended the Barclay's the last time it was at Ridgewood and was going to go again this week, but decided to go downashore tomorrow for a long weekend. Great spot to watch golf. I highly recommend it if anybody is thinking of going.
 Manning knows how to read defenses and, while being a complete statue in the pocket, he rarely gets hit, let alone sacked.Manning is a HOF QB and would have been regardless. Couch got hurt but he sucked. I am so glad the Browns picked him that year because it allowed the Eagles to take McNabb, No HOFer but a guy who gave us a fighting chance. And I have had enough already of the mediocrity that is Johnny Manziel. What is it with the media obsession surrounding him?
  oh my, that green was sooo nice just yesterday. Gotta do it, though.
Most people are decent and use the internet in an appropriate manner. But anonymous a-holes who like to kick people when they are down should be reported and deleted. I know, first amendment and all, but I am sick of anonymous idiots.
36-45-81   3 birdies on the front, two doubles and a triple on the back.   Just last week I went 40-44-84, with five pars and four doubles on the back. No bogeys. These kinds of round are fairly typical for me. Lotsa pars and "others".
Norm MacDonald's tribute offers the essence of Robin Williams. A good soul.   http://abcnews.go.com/Entertainment/norm-macdonald-met-robin-williams-funniest-man-world/story?id=24950575
I never watched Mork and Mindy, but then I saw him live doing standup and saw The World According to Garp. I became a fan for life. Something I never missed was when he would appear on a talk show. He was always at his manic best and the hosts just loved being with him. They were as entertained as the audience.   So saddened, I will miss him so much.
 Most people I know are ambivalent about the American team and their gutless performances in recent Ryder Cups. Getting beat by Euros is not the big negative that you portray it to be any more..
 Agreed. I know nothing about Nascar and/or Tony Stewart, but this would be tantamount to murder. Frankly, I think the kid was pretty stupid to be out on the track looking for a guy in a speeding automobile.
I think it was tacky for the kid to have to bring it up, but I have played a lot of golf with young pros and we always pick up their expenses, even paying for their caddie fees, if applicable (most golf clubs don't charge them a green or cart fee). We don't do it for established guys, and they would never ask, but young kids, yeah, pay their expenses for them.   We even have an education fund at our club to help them with expenses to gain their A-1 status, if they...
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