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 Finally played it yesterday. Same course, but tremendously improved. The greens are great, other than the peculiar idea of no fringe. It didn't get me, but there were a few dicey lies with balls on the green but right up against the rough. No real first cut along the fairways either. Right now it is strictly a walking course (no carts). Either caddies or pull carts that you can rent. I think that will change over time as a decent portion of their membership is on the...
re-opened Memorial Day weekend. Finally playing it later today.
 umm...we're talking about the Beatles here. I like all those groups, in fact, when I was a teenager my two favorite bands were CCR and The Doors (I wore out Green River and The Soft Parade in 1969). But they really are second string when compared to the Beatles.
The "Tiger Era" is over. Yeah, he won 5 times last season, but fully a third of Tiger's total PGA Tour wins were on those same five courses. Not a criticism. Horses for courses, as it were, and he is wise to set his schedule with the course as a part of the equation. I'm sure everybody does, Half of Phil's Tour wins are on the West Coast.   But he hasn't won a Major now in over 6 years. There are multiple reasons for this, including missing some due to injury, but he...
Mistake by McIlroy on the par 3. Got a little impatient on the tee for the first time, as he has been waiting on every shot since the 10th hole yesterday. Tough situation for a guy who likes to play at a good pace.
 Going there in September. Lahinch, Ballybunion, Tralee and Doonbeg. Taking a day to go to the Cliffs of Moher as well.
Wow, I thought Sergio made that putt. That would have gone a long way.
I laugh at my buddies all the time and they laugh at me. But the only time I ever comment on shots by others that I wouldn't consider "buddies" is when they hit good shots, particularly during a match. If I don't know them well, I have no idea how they would react and it may not be pretty.
Rickie must make or it's a two man tournament.
 Biggest swing of the tournament coming up for Rory. If he hits this close and makes at least birdie, I think it's pretty much over.
New Posts  All Forums: