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Nice comeback by the Flyers after that mess in game 1. Good to see the rookie Akeson get a big goal after his royal screwup in game.1. Gonna be rockin' in Philly tomorrow night.
Longish par 4 and I hit an indifferent drive into the right rough. Left with 215 yards to the pin, but my lie was really good, kind of sitting up and I knew I could get a wood on it. Hit my 5-wood (usually 200-205) expecting a bit of a flyer and I pured it. It was eating up the pin the whole way and I ended up with 5 feet and made birdie.   Same round, pull hooked my drive into the left rough and had to negotiate some trees if I wanted to hit the green. Hit a big draw...
Best golf in almost a year, but I broke down at the end. 39-44-83 with a 6-7 finish. I could have broken 80 with a par-par (5-4) finish but I had a bad 3 putt for bogey on 17 and screwed the pooch on 18 with an ill advised club selection greeenside. I was 20 yards from the pin in 2 and made 7 because I boned a flop shot and buried it in the face of a bunker.   But I am feeling good about my game and can't wait to get at it again.   .
 And regardless of where he/she defecates. Should be declared illegal aliens and deported, IMO.
Best party on the PGA Tour.   Those were the days . . .
 We were playing Llanerch outside of Philly one day (1958 PGA was there; first one that wasn't match play) and their 18th green is just feet away from a patio in the clubhouse. It was a Friday evening and the patio was filled with people and my buddy boned a wedge from about 70 yards into the patio. People were diving for cover like it was incoming. I guess they were used to it because he got a big round of applause.
  oops, gotta change that. I'm now a 9.2, but even the 8.4 translates to a 10 on most courses. My 9.2 makes me an 11 at my course now.
I don't volunteer distances and when asked, I simply say that I don't know. Besides, being a double digit handicap, there is little consistency in my yardages anyway, particularly with the longer clubs. From the 6-iron on down the distance is more predictable for me. We have a 238 yard par 3 on our course and I always hit driver. I occasionally get my ball pin high (not always on the green, of course), sometimes even get it over the green when the course is playing hard...
 All I can say is, wow. They put a lot on the plate for a first episode. Worth sticking with it. I understand that it will be just a ten-episode series, a la True Detective.
Just got my revision, the first one for the new golf season in the Philly Association. Been an 8.4 since last October, now 9.2. I'm surprised it didn't go up more. My four posted scores to date indicate something more like a 16. Next score knocked out will be an 80, so it'll jump again for sure.
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