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 I doubt the ground is frozen anymore (NY, right?). Chances are better at this point that the course is thawed and is very soft. That's what it's like in Philly right now.
We were supposed to have an opening tournament tomorrow but it has already been cancelled because of the weather forecast (cold rain with a chance of snow flurries). But I did get four holes in late yesterday. Went over to talk to the pro about re-gripping my clubs and it was so nice out I grabbed the bag and walked a few holes. Heaven.
 I've been watching football on television for years and they do a great job of covering plays at the goal line and end zone, especially in recent years. I'm trying to figure out what they messed up in this regard and I don't see where there is anything lacking. Belicheat just has to have it his way. Smartest-guy-in-the-room syndrome.
They are dirty filthy animals and all they do is fornicate, eat and crap. They destroy the turf picking at it and they foul the water. Last year we had some fox who settled into the area and they kept the geese away, but they are back this season with a vengeance.
 This is how we play it. If two guys get on in two, the closest gets the greenie.
 He didn't flip out on the competition committee? You appear to be the only person unaware of this . . . http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/eye-on-football/25123013/report-belichick-goes-on-profane-tirade-over-end-zone-replay-cameras
I could be more of a business decision than anything else. Do you think Nike or any of the other sponsors who are paying him millions are happy with his absence from the Tour? If he is physically able (and he says he is), he will play.
I find it amusing that anybody is making an issue out of the environmental impact of a golf course in Brazil considering the daily habitat destruction and the decades long degradation of the rain forests.
The NFL banned the use of ineligible players outside the tackle box Wednesday in direct response to a tactic Belichick used in the Patriots AFC divisional-playoff win over the Baltimore Ravens.   Belicheat thinks the NFL is out to get him. He flipped out on the competition committee this week over the use of cameras and his desire to be able to challenge any penalty. I'm guessing the only people who can stand him are Pats fans.
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