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 Ray Rice is replaceable. Not by Paul Pierce, but replaceable. AP is not. AP is a game-changer and, if he ever plays again, the Vikings want to make sure it is for them.
We had two guys who were caught cheating in money card games and had enough of a sense of shame to withdraw from the Club, never to be seen again. One of them even moved cross country.   Another guy was recently caught cheating by his opponent in a Club Championship flight match and he is still haunting the place. I will never play with him and I don't know how we let him play in our tournaments, but he does. I would be mortified and could never show my face. But I...
I would most definitely choose being there for the birth of my child. and my wife would probably kick my butt given that choice. She would think, show me the money! But It is my memory at risk, not hers.
    I love Charles Barkley and I respect the fact that he speaks his mind, never worrying about possible consequences. But he dropped the ball here. Spanking is one thing, but what Adrian Peterson did to his four year old son was abuse, plain and simple. I was spanked (and I deserved it) and I know the difference.   Charles had a chance to send a message to his fellow southerners that there is a line that should not be crossed. Just because it has been going on for...
At this time next week I will be playing Ballybunion. First trip to the old sod and can't wait.
Fly Eagles Fly!!  
 Critical first step. Those giant tools with logoed ball marks attached that have the prongs really far apart do more damage than good.
 This stuff really works. I couldn't find it at any golf shops, found it at a tennis club. I told my pro about it but he still doesn't stock it. Just one application though. If you try to put it on a second time without washing your hands first it gets slippery.
 Apparently Rice was very upfront with the league and law enforcement about what he did. The disturbing thing is that the league knew the severity of what he did even before the discovery of the video and considered two games sufficient punishment. Totally tone deaf reaction, IMO. A whole other story is if anybody really believes that people in the league office didn't see the video before this week. 
The one thing I can see that is a legitimate beef is having to go to Cherry Hills, a place almost none of them know, on a short week (having played on Monday of Labor Day weekend). It didn't give them all that much time to prepare properly and it showed. These guys are creatures of habit and it got them off their routines.
New Posts  All Forums: