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I was listening to an interview this afternoon on the way home from work with a doctor working in a rural area of Liberia. She says that the 90% mortality rate for Ebola is really not close to accurate if the patient gets supportive care. The number is closer to 55-60% and would be even lower if they had more resources and they were being treated in a better environment. The number in this outbreak is high because so many people get no care at all or come in when it is in...
I see that Darrell Issa is going to have one last hearing before his term as Chairman of the Oversight Committee is over. Of course, he will find a way to blame Obama for the Ebola "crisis".
 Part of the problem is his playing right into it, like suggesting that he would take other things off his desk this week in order to deal exclusively with the Ebola "crisis" in this country.
Favre? Last I saw he did play in this era. And he has set the most unbreakable record in team sports, more unbreakable than any hits or HR records,  or TD passing records, or NBA NHL scoring records: 336 interceptions. Nobody will ever be allowed to get even close.
 The bolded is not true. Fox News is disingenuous and biased on the right, MSNBC is just as disingenuous and biased on the left, while CNN is just confused and incompetent. I have subscriptions to three newspapers: the NYT, the WSJ and my local paper, the Philadelphia Inquirer. I like the NYT and the WSJ because they actually have their own investigative journalists on staff to get to the bottom of stories instead of relying on other news sources. I get the local paper...
 This. I know people who do stuff like this all the time and I let them know that I am on to it. Another thing that happens this time of year is looong shadows in your line of play. Most of it is inadvertent, but not all of it.
I don't look for balls that I know are OB or in a water hazard. I certainly will never carry a ball retriever. I hit one out yesterday and my caddie found it. Told him to keep it but he doesn't play golf so he put it back in my bag. I gave it to a bag room kid when I was done. But I will take the full five minutes to search for a ball in play. I hate losing a ball in play.
 Call it what you want, it is offensive. He is not being focused or methodical, he is purposefully slow, particularly if he is in a situation where his pace is not being monitored. He can't get away with it in GAP tournaments, but he is known for it in Club Championship matches, where the staff doesn't have the balls to push the members and/or penalize them. This past season he was in a foursome that took 4:45 to play in the quarters of the Club Championship, and all of...
 One of our better players (legit scratch handicap) deliberately plays at a snails pace to throw his competition off. Everybody knows it but he still gets under their skin. Total a-hole. I usually avoid him, but one time I got him as a partner in a money game. I sucked on the front nine and he harangued me mercilessly. I picked it up (not because of his crap, but because I found my swing around the 8th hole) and shot one over on the back on a very difficult, championship...
46-42-88   It was overcast when we teed off and it was pretty chilly in Philly, but when the sun came out it was very nice. But it was a tough day in the wind. I didn't hit it all that bad but misplayed the wind a number of times, at one point watching a long iron drift thirty yards right and go OB. Made one birdie on a 165 yard par 3 that looked like it was going to be an ace most of the way, but it just missed hitting the pin and ended up just behind the hole.
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