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The Trump supporters' mantra is "He tells it like it is!"  Well, no, he doesn't tell It like it "is", he just tells it his way. Reality show clown who will disappear once people have to actually cast ballots.
Tournament 78 Casual 77   The tournament score was in our B Flight Final (match play) and it was the first time I ever broke 80. I was so focused on the match that I wasn't paying attention to the score. I have broken 80 many times since and have shot 77 three times in casual rounds.
 A couple of years ago I was playing with my brother-in-law at his winter golf club down in Florida. The place is always packed and we were about a minute late for our tee time because he was talking to the Pro on the putting green. When we got to the tee there was a group of women who had the next tee time and insisted that they should go because we were late. The Pro settled it by stating that he was responsible for any holdup and that we had the tee. Well, those women...
 My two cents. Hitting into someone is never OK.
 I've seen everybody from the best players in the world to 30 handicappers do this. It is just a habit that doesn't do anything to give a player an advantage. Grass on a tee box shouldn't interfere with a teed up ball.
Cole Hamels picked a nice time to pitch a no-hitter. Hopefully, this will up the ante at the trading deadline. But I wouldn't mind if the Phillies kept him. I wouldn't mind him at the top of the rotation for the next three years.
Almost had a hole in one on Saturday, a 145 yard uphill shot playing close to 160, but that wasn't what I consider my best shot of the week. Yesterday I was in a Club Championship flight match and it went to extra holes. When we got to the par 5 third hole I put myself at a disadvantage by messing up my second shot and had to layup short of the green. My opponent hit three good shots and had a 10 foot birdie putt. I had about 85 yards to a pin tucked back left and I hit a...
 I decided to play in the flight I qualify for instead of playing up to the flight I have played in for years. I played very poorly and shot a lousy 91 and didn't expect to qualify. Surprisingly I did as the 7th seed in an 8-man field. Played the #2 seed yesterday and beat him in sudden death after four holes. Tough match. I was three up at one point and then lost four straight to go one down with two to go. Had to win 17 to tie it and we halved 18. He had birdie putts...
 Well, you would be wrong. It is stated very clearly at my club that foursomes have the right of way at all times on the course. They are not required to let singles or twosomes play through, it is at the foursomes' discretion. There is a very good reason for this. We have strict pace of play requirements and players are warned when they don't play in the required time and can be suspended for further infractions. It ruins the pace of play for twosomes to be playing...
 I would suggest that Jordan Spieth feels otherwise. And the next Masters winner, particularly if he is a top player, will dispute that as well. I would wager that Tiger thought of it every time he won the Masters, and definitely after he won that AND the US Open in 2002. Why shouldn't it be a goal?
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