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39-42-81   Not a good ball-striking or putting day but got up and down 8 times. The wedges were on and most of the up and downs were tap ins. When I hit greens, the putts weren't even close. I was better off from off the greens.
Played behind him many years ago one summer when he was still playing basketball and he had a decent swing, Hit it long as well. Has to be all in his head.
 I finished playing golf one day last week and I ordered an "Arnold Palmer" (iced tea and lemonade). One of my playing partners ordered a "John Daly". I had never heard that before and I asked him what that was. He said, "Same thing you are having, but with a double shot of vodka".
Very good novel, "The Light Between Oceans". Fast, fascinating read. First novel by M.L. Stedman.
 I'll speculate that ends up eliminating more than half of them.
Camps opening this week. I'm psyched, as baseball season in Philly has been a total bust.   Gonna find out if Chip Kelly and Nick Foles are the real deal. I think they are.
I know it shouldn't but it does, especially a bad score because our first hole is one of the easiest on the course. A birdie not so much as it's a hole I birdie more than most.
 Finally played it yesterday. Same course, but tremendously improved. The greens are great, other than the peculiar idea of no fringe. It didn't get me, but there were a few dicey lies with balls on the green but right up against the rough. No real first cut along the fairways either. Right now it is strictly a walking course (no carts). Either caddies or pull carts that you can rent. I think that will change over time as a decent portion of their membership is on the...
re-opened Memorial Day weekend. Finally playing it later today.
 umm...we're talking about the Beatles here. I like all those groups, in fact, when I was a teenager my two favorite bands were CCR and The Doors (I wore out Green River and The Soft Parade in 1969). But they really are second string when compared to the Beatles.
New Posts  All Forums: