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 1. There have not been any direct flights from West Africa to the US in a very long time.2. People are not getting on planes who are symptomatic. They DO have resources at the airports in West Africa to check temperatures and they give people who have been to infected areas strict instructions on self monitoring. They are also separated and checked at their destination, and again before they can board a plane to the US.3. Outside of Mr. Duncan, everybody who has...
After watching Homeland, my wife insisted that we stick and watch the first couple episodes of The Affair. The story is told each week from two different perspectives, back-to-back. Interesting premise, now I'm hooked and I have to see where it goes. I am guessing it is kind of like Fargo, in that the story is one-and-done and will not be a series.
 Unfortunately, nobody was paying any attention to Al Qaeda then. And this is the kind of stuff we need to avoid with Ebola, but irresponsible dopes like this can't help themselves. This guy will win an election in a runaway about 11 days from now. http://www.buzzfeed.com/andrewkaczynski/peter-king-slams-doctors-on-ebola-suggests-ebola-went-airbor BTW, the second Dallas nurse is also free of Ebola as of today.
 It sounds eerily like what happened with the Eagles between McNabb and TO. TO portrayed McNabb as the company man (he probably was to a degree) and it divided the locker room. The Eagles took too long to address it and the whole season tanked. At least the Seahawks still have a chance to salvage their season.
After going to Ireland, I have to revise this a bit. My top 5 would now be: Shinnicock HillsLahinchOakmontTraleePacific Dunes
 Let me know when somebody other than a healthcare worker, who worked in close proximity with highly contagious patients, comes down with Ebola in this country. But you go ahead and be afraid.
I picked 2-4 with a Major. I also think he will play a very limited schedule for the rest of his career, however long that may be. He will break down again at some point.
I was listening to an interview this afternoon on the way home from work with a doctor working in a rural area of Liberia. She says that the 90% mortality rate for Ebola is really not close to accurate if the patient gets supportive care. The number is closer to 55-60% and would be even lower if they had more resources and they were being treated in a better environment. The number in this outbreak is high because so many people get no care at all or come in when it is in...
I see that Darrell Issa is going to have one last hearing before his term as Chairman of the Oversight Committee is over. Of course, he will find a way to blame Obama for the Ebola "crisis".
 Part of the problem is his playing right into it, like suggesting that he would take other things off his desk this week in order to deal exclusively with the Ebola "crisis" in this country.
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