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Down to 9.2 from 10. Almost at my handicap when the season started in April at 8.9 and my course handicap is the same (11). Haven't reached my goal of getting my course handicap to single digits but I still have 2 months.
I have no problem with it. If it is not mayonnaise they should not be allowed to call it mayonnaise. If it is a substitute they should have to call it that.
Unless there is a green fee component to the membership they really didn't have to do anything. You could have easily played more rounds in your short season than a lot of the other members played in a full season. Hell, we have guys at our club who are paying an average of $500 a round because they never play. I think they are crazy but I guess they can afford it and they just like belonging to a private club.
They did you a solid. They didn't have to do anything.
 I don't believe that is the point. I think, in most relationships, these parameters are usually decided early in the relationship but I think what can happen is that you can cross a line. If a decision about how you will manage your time going forward, particularly if there are kids involved, is a unilateral one by you, I think you are the one with the problem. Marriage is a team game.
Defense will suck..
Phil and Bubba off to hot starts.
I was a golfer when I met my wife and she has never questioned how much I play. In fact, some weekend mornings she looks at me askew if I am puttering around the house, like, "why are you here?", especially since the kids are grown and we are empty nesters.
I had to vote 4:00 to 4:30 because that is what it normally takes to play at my home course. We are required to play in 4:10 or less. If I play in the first group of the day or when there is nobody in front of us, we always play under 4:00, but that is a rarity as my course gets a LOT of play. I think we need to lower the requirement to 4:00, but I lose that debate every time at Committee meetings.
 Hell, I watch the European Tour when I am working out in the morning. Sure, Tiger moves the needle and it is great for golf when he plays and actually competes, but it doesn't impact whether I will watch. It certainly would not impact my decision to watch the playoffs. I'm all in. The only thing that will keep me from watching golf on Sunday afternoon is if the Eagles are playing.
New Posts  All Forums: