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Royal County Down
The Irish Open is being played at Royal County Down, one of the more interesting tracks in the world, and has a decidedly better field. Personally, I will be watching a lot of golf in the AM this week.
I can't say that faltering for me is a consequence of just a good start and bad finish. I always go through a part of a round when I am at my best, whether it is at the start, middle or near the end. When I am playing well it is usually because I have found a comfortable rhythm to my swing, and then I falter when I hit a squirrely shot that affects my confidence. I know I shouldn't let one swing do that but, when I get over my next shot, I start wondering what I just did...
 I've marshaled a number of events and they have always asked us to pay attention to the fans and their behavior. But they didn't want us to interfere because it was not our job description. They wanted us to notify security, keep track of the offenders and point them out.
 I would love to see this rift and the one between Rose and Butler lead to Butler looking to sign elsewhere (Re: Sixers) and the Bulls not matching. A starting lineup of Embiid, Noel, Saric, D'Angelo Russell and Butler would be awesome.Wishful thinking, I know.
 Better game from Steph Curry. Quickest release I've ever seen. If Howard is really hurt this will be over fairly quickly. On another note, The Lakers got really lucky and the Knicks got screwed in the lottery. I'm OK with where the Sixers ended up (3), as they need a guard anyway.
 I really don't care if Brady gets suspended, just an acknowledgement that he knew what was going on and that they will stop. And throwing the employees under the bus is worse than the stated offense.
Seymour Hersh O'Neill is a "former" SEAL and has no restrictions on what he may want to say about it. I have followed Seymour Hersh for years and respect his journalism but I just think his sources on this one are real sketchy, besides the fact that the rationale is totally flawed from the Pakistani perspective.
Fox is awful. Frank Chirkinian would have had somebody shot for some of their lesser transgressions. At least it was fun to see Pacific Dunes.
Too bad the gourse isn't in bloom. really spectacular when it is
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