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 I have two plastic tees (one normal, one small for par 3's), a repair tool and a ball marker. Leave the course as you found it. Unless some a-hole didn't rake a trap, replace his divot or fix his ball mark. Do what you can without slowing down the group.
 Well now they have Kobe, D'Angelo Russell and Julius Randle (who missed all of last season, which assisted the train-wreck). I think with Love they are at the very least a playoff team, even in the West. And Russell and Randle will both be around for a while as well.
 I don't find that to be true at all. Maybe it is true of courses that have been built in the last 10 years or so, but most courses end up building back tees farther and farther back just to get to over 7,000 yards as opposed to the opposite of building tees forward. They do this with little regard to the current setup of the their golf courses with regard to bunkers and hazards. The vast majority of golf courses were not built anywhere near 7,000 yards at their inception.
I voted no, although I don't really have a vote and I believe that the USGA will almost certainly return to Chambers Bay. They need to resolve some issues, particularly the greens and the fans' experience.   The USGA is blaming the weather for what happened to the greens but, as is always the case with the US Open, the USGA has pretty much had control of the golf course and it's condition for months and they had people embedded on site for a couple of years in advance. I...
 http://www.golfchannel.com/tours/pga-of-america/2015/pga-professional-national-championship-presented-club-car-mercedes-and-omega/?t=airTime It was on the GC yesterday and will be on the next three days as well. I was going to go over yesterday but decided to play instead. Maybe I'll catch a few hours there one day this week. They dodged a bullet yesterday because we got over 2 inches of rain the day before and part of their course can flood, but the conditions were fine.
 He doesn't fit in Cleveland. He became a 7 foot jump shooter (abeit a good one) and isn't the inside presence he was before. The Cavs should have kept Wiggins.
http://espn.go.com/nba/story/_/id/13142511/kevin-love-opts-contract-cleveland-cavaliers-sources   Love opts out. I think he is going to be a Laker. Maybe even Portland if they can't re-up LeMarcus Aldridge. Love's a west coast kind of guy.
I know I have had lessons from guys who I left who knew their stuff, I just didn't get what they wanted. Frustrating for both of us, so its better to split. It doesn't sound like he is communicating with you the way you would like and that is as good a reason as any to make a change. Not a knock on him; you guys just don't click.   And don't just let them move on from the basics if that is what you are looking for. ASK them what they think of your grip and setup. You got...
Dustin Johnson:   - Second career runner-up finish in majors (2011 Open Championship)  - Ninth career top-10 finish in majors (0 wins)  - 18 birdies this week, tied for most in field (with Spieth)  -  0-for-2 converting 54-hole leads in majors (2010 U.S. Open)  -  Fourth time in final pairing in a major (0 wins)   Kinda like what Phil was going through before he broke through at the Masters in 2004. I expect Dustin will have that breakthrough win sometime soon.
I think he pulled it. He got tentative on a number of putts after it looked like he was on cruise control through the front nine. Pressure got to him, IMO.   But it doesn't mean the greens didn't suck. I know all about poa annua but, around here, it flowers in early spring. Too bad it had to raise its ugly head in a US Open.
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