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 I can't think of a better way to keep this stupid story on the front page. They did the same thing by making a fuss over the Dan Jenkins article. Let it go.
Did anybody watch The Last Man on Earth? It's getting great reviews.
 People are still posting in the 2014 thread, so apparently there is decided interest. But what happens today with the franchise tags impacts 2015, not 2014. If you want to discuss the Arena Football League, feel free to start another thread.
I think it's time to put last season behind us and look forward.   Today is the day teams must decide on the franchise tag. It appears that the #1 FA after today will be Ndamukong Suh, as the Detroit Lions won't pull the trigger on the tag.   Franchise Tag Tracker: http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000475744/article/franchise-tag-tracker
I wouldn't expect a new caddie to be up to speed with all the rules, just the ones where his actions would effect my play. He should stay out of the way of other players, especially when they are putting, and stay off the line of everybody's putts. Be careful where he puts my bag and that it is not in the line of play. That is one way he could effect my score. A boned chip is bad enough but, if it runs into my bag across the green, that is piling on.    Other than that,...
I'm real happy for Paddy Harrington. Things weren't looking good yesterday after that horrible three-putt on 6. But the suspension of play turned out to be a good thing for him, as he came out smoking this morning.   He was saying that his concentration has been poor lately and it exhibited itself today on 17 after he hit it in the water. He was setting up to putt but kept backing off because some people were walking 75 yards away. He also kept walking away from his tee...
 I wasn't commenting on your post at all. I was comparing two players with whom I am familiar, and the male scratch golfer has much more game than the Symetra qualifier.
Our club champion is currently a +.03 so I think he qualifies as a scratch golfer and he has all the skills. He has qualified twice for the US Mid-Am. Long and pretty straight off the tee, gobbles up par 5's, has a solid iron game, has an excellent touch around the greens and is a very good putter. Our women's club champion is a +2.2 (obviously on a shorter and differently rated layout) and recently qualified for status on the Symetra Tour. She is a long way from the LPGA...
McIlroy is going the wrong way. Up to +4.
 Oh, you are the arbiter of funny now? Face it, you just can't stand it that Tiger can still be open to scrutiny. Grow up, indeed.
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