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 Well, Newton is hurt (cracked rib) and any QB will put up big numbers in Chip Kelly's offense.
 Making my point yet again. And if you don't think that what Tiger can do at times does not include imagination, I don't know what else to say. Steven Bowditch wouldn't attempt to hit the shots Tiger has hit because he can't imagine himself doing it. Tiger has been imagining himself hitting the requisite shot since he was a kid.
 Well, I think you help make my point. Tiger WAS an artist. He played the game of golf with innate instinct and hit the shot required at the moment. I doubt Tiger was thinking about mechanics when he hit this shot. Unbelievable imagination, and it happened all the time.  It is when he got caught up in other things, like fitness for example, that he lost his way. I am sure a lot of the thought process over time was to lessen the impact of his swing because of injuries, but...
  What does playing ability have to do with it? I'm sure Chamblee is a better golfer than Sean Foley. Or Butch Harmon. Or Hank Haney.
  Look at the mitts on Foles. No wonder he rarely fumbles. Like the guy next to him does all the time.
 Do you really think he started betting on baseball only after he stopped playing? I hated him when he played for the Reds, but I loved Pete Rose because of the way he changed the culture on the Phillies and helped get them over the hump for their first WS championship. That said, I think he should still be banned from baseball for betting on games. I also think he should be in the HOF. They are not the same thing.
I'll go back to something I posted over a year ago in another thread that got a bit contentious, and I think it is relevant again.Of course, the message gets lost because of the dislike of the messenger.   TIGER WOODS has been in love with the geometry of the golf swing for years now, and it's hurt him. The golf shot is more important than the golf swing. When your mind is consumed by mechanics, it puts a governor on creativity. The art stops, and the science takes over....
43-40-83. Good to see my buddy break 80 for the first time in his life (78), even while kicking my butt.
Good. I hope he can reconnect with Butch, but I doubt his ego will allow.
Played there in June and attended the Barclay's the last time it was at Ridgewood and was going to go again this week, but decided to go downashore tomorrow for a long weekend. Great spot to watch golf. I highly recommend it if anybody is thinking of going.
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