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I don't know if I would call it burnout, but I go through a period of indifference every year, usually in August. I'll put the sticks away for a couple of weeks and get them back out after Labor Day, with new energy and interest.
 Aren't the scramble events "tournaments"? If you are playing against other groups, I would have to say yes.
 I can relate. I have done the same thing many times. I think it is because, when on the range, I am simply focused on the process of the swing and the shot. When I get on the course I get all worked up about the possible results instead of just focusing on the process of the shot. You know it's in his head when tries to bump a 4 iron on a 25 yard shot that he has been making with a wedge his entire life.
Text from a 10-handicap buddy:   Now I have something in common with Tiger. We both shot 82 at TPC Scottsdale.
  Nice "brand" . . . 
 Truth. Deal.
 Wow. OK, 9 years and 363 days.
 He's not hating. He is just pointing out a fact. The Patriots haven't won squat in ten years.
Who still has a land line telephone?   A few years ago, we investigated who called us on our land line phone over a period of about 6 months. The only person who called us on that line was my brother and the rest was marketing calls. We dumped it immediately and haven't missed it for a minute.
Why in the world would I want to do that?
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