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Sandra Gal. Best legs on tour and, by the way she dresses, she knows it. If I see her on the leaderboard I'm checkin' in on the telecast.
 That's good news. But remember, it usually takes years to approve something like this. I assume that they will fast track this, and maybe others, to the populations in West Africa, who will really be the guinea pigs in all of this. Maybe it is worth the risk to them, but I believe that it would never happen that quickly in the US. Mainly because we are way ahead of most in prevention of these diseases anyway.
 Chip Kelly had an awesome game plan yesterday against Dallas and all Sanchez had to do was protect the ball. I don't know if he threw a ball over twenty yards in that game so Kelly covered up his weaknesses, plus Sanchez has embraced the up-tempo. The offensive line is healthy again and that helps, much better than the overhyped group in Dallas. Next week will tell a lot about the Eagles, as they face a resurgent Seattle. They looked really good last night.
If they don't win out, even go 3-1, they will probably have to make a go of it as a wild card. Tough road, especially if they have to go through Green Bay. They look really good though. Playing like champs right now.
Some really good games tomorrow and I for one am most interested in the NFC East Battle between Philly and Dallas. Should be a good game as both offenses should be able to move the ball up and down the field. The Eagles lead the NFL in turnovers so I don't see why that would change, especially with Sanchez at QB, but they will have to minimize it. The Eagles have a decided advantage in special teams, plus Darren Sproles is a wildcard who can cause havoc in space for a...
I think it is an even mix between the first two choices (Don't care or are unaware). I know a lot of both. And most of the ones who don't care are pretty good players, while the majority who are unaware are high handicappers.
Hank Haney: “You couldn’t coach Tiger and have a friendlier scenario than Chris Como has. Look at the record Tiger had with Butch [Harmon]; I was following that. Look at the record Tiger had with me; Sean [Foley] was following that. Let’s face it: The expectations are not super high at this point.”   I wonder why he felt the need to say that? Maybe he felt that he was giving Como some cover by lowering expectations, but it feels like the opposite to me.
Apparently Chris is big into bio-mechanics so I have to assume that has a lot to do with this choice, considering Tiger's injury history.   I wonder if he's going to have to give up being a guest contributor to Golf Digest?
 Yeah, carrying for a full 18 is tough, especially early in the season when I don't have my legs. It gets easier as the season wears on. But we can't always carry at our club, only later in the day and I rarely go 18 when carrying anyway. Don't you find it to be a pain when you approach a green? At our club, most greens are well bunkered and you have to take the cart all the way around them to get to the other side, which invariably is the best line to the next tee. When...
Private Club member here. We have had a no jeans policy at our club for years. Nobody has really made a stink about it but the board decided to give a try on a limited basis, and to allow "dress jeans" at certain functions. The thing that strikes me as odd is when a notice for an event says "dress jeans allowed", where is the line drawn about what are dress jeans? Is it the color? The fit? There is always some 50+ year old in some faded, relaxed fit Levi's and what are...
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