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I really like hitting a 3 wood off the tee. I have G20 irons, but want to get a new 3 wood. I've read that the X Hot is the best for most amateur golfers. Any suggestions?
No effect on the Economics? He's the first ever billion dollar athlete. I'm sure Nike would concur, along with all the TV Networks. Wonder if he'd change his mind if Tiger was hitting a TaylorMade driver.
To start hitting my driver this year. Have been hitting my Ping Hybrid off the tee because I feel confident with it, and I like the shortness of the shaft. Feels like an iron to me.
I'm proud to say that I have went from a 26 hcp to 17.6 hcp in the past 3 mths. I used to play all the time years ago. Then life took over. Didn't play for 12 years. Just started back last Fall and it was like starting all over again. Bought some PING G20 irons and have been playing about 1 or 2 times a week. Heading to Panama City this week for golf and relaxation.
This past Saturday I had a good drive that left me 148 to the center. I hit my 8 iron solid and high. Stuck it for a tap in for Bird. Word!
I hit my PING G20 Pitching wedge 125 - 130 yards. I hit my 56* Sand wedge 85 - 90 yards. I need something for those 90 - 110 shots. Any suggestions?
Since I first started playing golf and taking lessons I always over think my swing while at address. A friend that I play with is a solid 1 to 3 hcp, and a couple months ago he told me, " you know how to hit the ball, quit thinking about it, and just hit it." He was right. Since then I've been hitting the ball much better and more consistent. I do agree with the original post. I played quarterback my whole life, and once you have the skill, the body reacts without...
Heading down to Destin or Panama City in a few weeks with my Wife and Son for Fall Break. Any suggestions on golf courses that are not extremely hard to play?
It's soon to be Fall in beautiful East Tennessee. The leaves in the Smokey Mountains will turn that brilliant oarnge color, and golf is at it's best. Usually can play into November and start back end of February or March. After this long hot Summer, I'm looking forward to Fall this year. Go Vols....
I overheard a guy at our local municipal course complaining about the group in front of them holding them up for 9 holes. He told the cart attendant to tell the manager, and said " I pay his GD salary as a tax payer, he'd better fix it." I thought, what a total D*%k head. His group went before me on the next 9, and he was a horrible golfer. He'd hit 2 to 3 shots off of every tee box. Take 5 practice swings before every shot. Clean up your own yard before you complain...
New Posts  All Forums: