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Anyone want mine? Odyssey Dart :) ahaha     I'm just glad I couldn't putt with the belly putter inside 7 feet but I could nail 12 footers crazy game
After hitting my buddies RBZ Driver and 3 Wood so good, I replaced my PING G-20 with Rocket Ballz tour shafts and I have EASILY added 15+ yards to driver and my fairway wood is just killing it even in fall weather they are flying like its mid 80s out the profile is so easy to pick clean.   I mean I catch myself saying Rocket Ballz to myself after each drive they just have that much juice   I was not paid to say any of this so take it for what its worth... just...
PING stand bag but his days are numbered
I'm thinking about getting one too,,, always a sucker for a golf aids and this one looks to be pretty simple   any more feedback,,, i post some feedback after i get it 
Its pretty easy, I use this door hanger attachment to do most of the exercises.  The Titleist vid is ok not great but has some exercises that have worked well for me but I don't go extreme either.  Resistance training gives you a good stretch while building strength.  I can take it anywhere and pretty much.  Its the only product other than my mountain bike I really use for my training.  Doesn't take up much room either.
  http://www.trxtraining.com/   There are some really good exercises for golfers along with other sports.     http://www.trxtraining.com/products/titleist-trx-golf-workout   I bought this DVD its pretty solid, I am using it so that says a lot.
The last year I have noticed a huge dif in being able to get good separation and better strength without having to battle a gym.. love it and was wondering if anyone else is using it too
Welcome VC.. only courses I really know in your area is Bethpage   I too am new to this golf board, as a matter of fact its my first golf community so I hope you are right about being good.   I hear you on sculled pitches haha ... I'll chip 3 balls nice and tight on the practice green then all of sudden bam one goes a flyin acroos the green scaring someone 
Thinking your way around a golf course like a pro is never a bad idea.... Rockin Raymond list can save you strokes without swing changes   His kid choked on the Big Break fell sorry for baby Floyd
I dig Duffy and his Ben Hogan style he brings to the table... He gave me a great tip in a interview.... He was asked what was he working on and he commented on about burning his left pocket with his left hand on his downswing was something, basically clearing the hips and swinging to the left......ended up a swing thought that stuck with me all season and feels great clearing out on shots... great sound and great tip
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