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  Not to mention that coming up with scenarios where people could twist a rule is the best way of finding out if there are any gaps in the rules that should be addressed. It certainly helps to have an overarching rule that gives committees power to deal with 'serious breaches' on a case-by-case basis, but it never hurts to try and legislate for these gaps as well. Rules are always in an evolutionary state. There will never be a 'finished' version of the rules.
 I consider myself lucky that I started being a regular on a golf course at the age of five and had my father and numerous peers of his to teach me exactly what was and wasn't expected of me on the golf course. Some people weren't as lucky and simply don't know these things and the only way they are going to find out is by being helped by others. I understand, however, how difficult it might be to provide this 'help' to a grown man rather than a five year old! The one...
 For sure, but this was a definite marking it on the green situation. Like I say, I'm sure it was just an issue of how the green was cut making it look like a fringe on TV. There was a second line just outside the ball as well which I'm sure was the actual fringe. 
I also had some confusion over the green/fringe during the Masters.   I can't remember who/where/when, but I saw a player marking his ball and I thought, "Hang on, he's not on the green!" I pretty much instantly dismissed it as I was sure no top pro would make that mistake and figured it must just be some issue with how the green was cut.   Funny that when you noticed something similar it was reversed and that the ball appeared on the green but was off.
 This should be: "The question would then be would touching that mark on the ground constitute 'pointing out a line for putting'."
 To be fair turtleback didn't say anything about 'placing' a mark. I took him to mean that if there was, for example, a spike mark or a discoloured spot on the surface behind the ball that matched up with the line you wanted to take then that could be used to point out the line of the putt. The question would then be are you allowed to touch that mark on the ground as a way of 'pointing out a line for putting'.My contention is that 'pointing out a line for putting' and...
I know what you mean and certainly you could align yourself using a natural mark on the ground behind the ball, or even, as some players do, by having a caddie stand directly behind you while you line up. I guess what I am saying is that I am interpreting the act of 'pointing out a line for putting' as saying 'Aim here' and so touching any point behind the ball can't be taken as saying where to aim. 
I've read both http://thesandtrap.com/t/58953/is-it-legal-to-use-your-putter-to-line-up-your-putt and http://golfrules.freeforums.org/line-for-putting-t1833.html as referenced in Dormie's post and I figured I'd throw in my tuppence worth. It would probably be more appropriate in  http://thesandtrap.com/t/58953/is-it-legal-to-use-your-putter-to-line-up-your-putt but I didn't want to bump a nearly year old thread.   Anyway, the point that strikes me about the language of...
Thanks for the replies everyone. I'm pleased to see that the general feeling matches my own disbelief upon hearing about this! The commemorative plaque really sealed the greatness of the story for me.   I count myself lucky that my friend is very much a non-golfer and cannot really appreciate the frustration of a golfer of 30+ years who has never had a hole-in-one hearing about his 'success'.   If he knew he would assuredly wind me up about it a lot more...
haha - afraid not. I believe it was only designed as a rule for the final hole! :P
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