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 I'm starting to think that you 'poll' wasn't a genuine attempt to gain everybody's view on the one specific question that you asked. It's almost as though you were waiting for someone to reply 'YES' so that you could gleefully jump on them with all your additional 'reasoning'! Tsk tsk. So in answer to your NEW questions...1. No. You didn't do anything illegal. I actually don't think any of the penalties listed in the rules of golf relate to legality. If you see someone...
 For a lost ball, the similarity in every case is that the ball that you hit is now lost.
 Sorry. I missed the part when the ball was in the bunker. But I still think that the rule applies regardless of whether your bunker shot is shanked 50yds right or hit pure. If you can't find it, there is a penalty. The penalty is for losing the ball.
 Losing the ball. I thought that was in the title of the thread.
 I'm not sure if your 'poll' was meant as a joke but I will answer: YES. I do think that the rule was meant to apply to both of the shots that you describe.
I clearly need more work to do as I've actually sat and read through this whole thread! I also now need plugs after having pulled out a substantial amount of hair!   Anyway, I am amazed at the one glaring omission from this thread:   At every point a provisional ball has been mentioned it has been assumed that the provisional tee-shot will be perfect and in the middle of the fairway (and not under any of the leaves that have afflicted the first one!)   Surely some of...
  The one thing that I would add to this thread is the fact that you should always try and be aware of all the options available to you in any given situation. For example, Seve fans will remember that quite often when his ball was near a tree trunk, he was very good at spotting rabbit scrapes from which he might get free relief!! I'm not trying to condone bending or stretching rules - 'equity' is a very important aspect of the rules - but I think it's important to note...
  Not to mention that coming up with scenarios where people could twist a rule is the best way of finding out if there are any gaps in the rules that should be addressed. It certainly helps to have an overarching rule that gives committees power to deal with 'serious breaches' on a case-by-case basis, but it never hurts to try and legislate for these gaps as well. Rules are always in an evolutionary state. There will never be a 'finished' version of the rules.
 I consider myself lucky that I started being a regular on a golf course at the age of five and had my father and numerous peers of his to teach me exactly what was and wasn't expected of me on the golf course. Some people weren't as lucky and simply don't know these things and the only way they are going to find out is by being helped by others. I understand, however, how difficult it might be to provide this 'help' to a grown man rather than a five year old! The one...
 For sure, but this was a definite marking it on the green situation. Like I say, I'm sure it was just an issue of how the green was cut making it look like a fringe on TV. There was a second line just outside the ball as well which I'm sure was the actual fringe. 
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