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I just had my new bike delievered Thursday, 2011 Fuji Aloha 2.0.  It's at the shop being assembled now, I can not wait until triathlon/golf season begins. Stock photo.
Hey guys I'm heading to Titusville in March what are some decent courses around there?  I plan on driving to Orlando to play a few also.  Any help will be appreciated.
I have been playing Nike drivers since 09. (Dymo2, MachSpeed Black, VR Pro II & now VR-S)  I recieved the TM Rocketballz for free through work and can not hit that thing worth a lick.  I also had the 1st Slingshot irons (05 I think) when I first started to golf loved them too.
Your avatar says it all.  I just picked up mp-59s, but still have my mx-200s in a spare bag ready to go if my game starts to go south.
My were also a cheap set of Dunlop from Meijer.  I bought them just to see if I would like golf, a year later I ended up getting Titleist DCI OS irons and a Callaway Steelhead III.  Now I have Mizuno mx-200 and about 5 different drivers I play with depending on what I'm in the mood to swing at the time.
My driver shaft broke in a car accident, does anyone know what the shaft tip size is that fits into the adapter?  I assume it is .335 but I want to make sure before I get a new shaft. 
Same here I bought the RBZ when it came out hit it great with the stock shaft in it.(45 gram)  Summer time came around and I started to hit it all over the place but the fairway. I ended up getting the Project X 5.5 68 gram and I started instantly hitting my 3-5 yd draw. 
It was the Matrix xcon5 (Green & Black shaft)   http://taylormadegolf.com/TaylorMade/RocketBallz-Driver/DW-JN737,en_US,pd.html?start=4&cgid=taylormade-drivers-shopByType   My friend upgraded to the Ozik xcon6.
I had the same problem with the RBZ driver when I tested it at our demo day.   I had to get a heavier shaft (13 grams more), but in the same flex.  The stock shaft in the drivers are junk, our Taylormade rep at our club told me they cost $18.50 NEW!    I also have the 3H RBZ Tour but I hit that straight 85 gram shaft.   My advice would be to anyone looking to get the RBZ driver would be to try different shaft combos until you finally get the ball flight you want.
Does anyone else use these on their irons and wedges?  If so how often do you sharpen your grooves?
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