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I smear it on the clubface . couple whacks and then wipe it off . do it all over again
I use a dry erase marker , just have to wipe it off with a towel
I have upgraded my whole bag this year. acquired titleist 913 d-fw-hy , mizzy 825p , clev rtx wedges . does it pay to have "new" clubs verified for specs ? I would like to know if my "woods" are really the loft it says it is , then check-verify-bend my irons if out of wack from manufacturer specs . does it pay to have this done on new clubs ? or have people found that these brands are spot on ?
all I use is a tube- pipe cutter . I do very minimal shaft cutting . now, that little wheel is not a can opener . I see u have learned something . so u do not try to puncture the wheel through and then try to edge it around . not sure if this is what u did . tighten the wheel gently , and if u don't have it tight enough , when u try to spin it around it will move and not hold it's line , so then as u spin it around u may need to just keep tightening it a hair as u...
what would be the swingweights of the 913's , dr-fw-hy ? the weight kits that are available , are these all interchangable with each other , to fit all 3 metals ? adjusting the surfit hosel . how does adjusting the lie angle affect left-right ball flight ? thanks for the help
aside from the rule . while using a wax to protect or tidy your clubs/shafts, a wax won't last long at all . from all the friction, ball contact , turf contact , in/out of the bag . I'm an auto detailer by hobby . a wax on a vehicle doesn't last , just as the more u wash it it depletes itself . your best bet for a little longer protection would be to use a sealant , also there are specific products out there for chrome/stainless . u could also go top of the line and use...
I already have a 21' 913h to replace , I would assume 20' if mizzy made 3i in 825p . I plan to get 24' 913h to replace 23'-4i . now I'd like to get one lower than the 21' 913h . they have 17' and 19' . with the surefit hosel I can adjust some, -.75/+.75/+1.5' . I don't have access to lm so based on loft which should I get 17 or 19 ?
Monday I got fitted at g.g. ended up goin home with 913d2 . I tried both t.m. new drivers and they just did not click for me . Tuesday went to my local golf shop , ordered 913's , 2 fairways and 1 hybrid . tink'd around with del mar - golo- rife 2bar . took the del mar home with me . enough spent in one day .
I ended up goin with titleist recommendation . based on ball speed . 15 and 19 fairway and 21 hybrid . I totally forgot about loft adjustments on these clubs , I always peg em to drivers only for some reason . so I hit the 910's today to get a feel , struck solidly , ordered up my 913's , and to tip the scale, a scotty del mar . I now have all new clubs for the season , still waiting on my gp niion grips.
I'm having a little trouble on which lofts I should get to fill my gaps . I don't have the luxury to fit on l.m , so I must choose by loft. I'm not a long hitter , d-95 mph with about a 235 carry . need some help with what lofts in fw-hy i should get to fill the gap. I have 10.5* - 913d2 23* - 4i 825p I would want to fill with 913 series choices fw 13.5-15-17-19-21 hy 17-19-21-24 a 13.5 off the deck is not to well with me , could be used a optional driver at times? ...
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