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It's just starting for me..... wait, it never really ended.   I love AZ for that.
Pretty sure my dad killed a wild turkey with a line drive tee shot at Boyne in northern MI. Feathers went everywhere and it just lay there for a min or two before stumbling into the woods. We were laughing too hard to give chase:D
...whatever I pull out of the pond.
I grew up in Grand Rapids and played alot of golf around there.  I have to say that Saskatoon Gold has to be my all time favorite.  Not the fanciest or most elite course in the world, but reasonably priced and very well kept.  Still waiting on my chance to play Egypt Valley, one day....  Many great courses to chose from though in the area.  It's great to be able to golf 365 in AZ but there is something about a spring morning on the course in MI that just can't be...
Troon has a couple of really nice courses in the Phoenix Metro area, I recommend checking them out.  Golf Club of Estrella is my favorite, but a bit of a drive from downtown.  Also Ocotillo Golf Resort is nice if you like a challenge and enjoy hitting over water on almost every hole.  
New Posts  All Forums: