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Im kind of in the same boat... but I'm pulling the trigger on the home range. With a wife and 3 kids I can't get to the range as often as I want... but can always go outside for 15 min.
My favorites would be either the "Bubba-esque" short iron hook shot or the punch fade... exact opposite from geauxforbroke... Can't hit a trap draw for the life of me.
Poking around in Dicks the other day and the new Nickent 3 woods are sharp looking.  No idea how they hit but they sure do look mean lol.
All manufacturers promise pure power. If you find one that delivers... let me know lol.
  But since we're bumping it...    
Try to get as much water out of it as possible and then hit it with an air compressor to take care of the rest. Afterwards just let evaporation take care of the rest.
Roga... If you ain't cav... Lol anyways... Revolver is neat but I'd read some reviews. It seems like people either love it or hate it.
If you youtube it, she has a comparrison of Hooters Mini Tour guys that gained CHS and BS from switching to the system.   Granted, I can put up a youtube video showing how leaving the club head cover on makes the face hotter lol... ahh the beauties of the internet.
35"   330 Mallet Putter.   Been eye balling it for a while now.
Price is OBO.
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