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I've been golfing for only 6 months now, And everytime I hit a course I'm finding something that work's well. The grip, back swing, hips, feet location, I haven't been golfing long and haven't really had any input on how to swing or stand/grip. I hit the range and does what work's. I got my first eagle 2 month's into golfing and it felt great.
Welcome! I'm From Michigan just over the bridge from Winsor Canada
So I went to Carl's Golf Land and spent enough to get some comp's. If someone is interested I have 18 for 2 + cost to ride ($20.00) Yarrow is rated top 10 I believe in Michigan. I do not have the time to use them and hate to see them go to waste, If anyone if interested in them maybe we can work out a trade or a  cash offer.      I also have 18 for 2 + cost to ride at Copper Hill CC, Copper Hill is roughly 1 1/2 hour drive from Detroit. The cost for 9 is $55.00 for...
I have a Golf Buddy Platuim, It has a option to Mark you're location at the tee box then the distance to the ball when you get there. I like it work well for me. I picked it up on craigslist for 150.00
Driver = I push/pull to much to get any real distance Hybrid 2 = 260 Hybrid 3 = 240 Hybrid 4 = 220 5 Iron = 200 6 Iron = 190 7 Iron = 180 8 Iron = 160 9 Iron = 155 PW = 145 GW = 130 SW 56 = 125  
A few week's ago a friend and I went golfing, there was a 2 sum in front of us 2 older guys. They drove the cart onto the putting green then the next hole they drove on the tee box. I've even seen people drive right into a dunker
Welcome!   I'm recently new to the site also!   Hawaii, what amazing place to live & play golf!   I used to live in Pocatello ID, only for 1 year though
 I have Pro Force V2 shaft's on most of my Iron's and Aldila NV on my 6 Iron,  Gap wedge & my 2, 3 & 4 Hybrids. Both of them I like..
Thanks MEfree, I have adjusted it when I went to the range. I'd hit 20 balls, Make another adjusted then try again to see what works for me. But the sweet spot bring higher and more towards the toe, I'll try that! Thanks again.
I average around 250/260 with my 2 hybrid. The 290yrds was the ideal day for golf. If all days were like that I would, But I feel i'm cheating myself by not using my driver, 3 & 5 wood's. If I get 250/260 average yardage for that, I know I can average 280+ with my driver.
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