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For us, off the stick means off of the back tee's. 
To iacas   Dude, I replied to you. You didn't like the answer. So I'll repeat it, only I'll make it shorter.   Your opinion is your own. Mine is the same. Dunno what playing other courses have to do with Sunday at Augusta.
Par at Augusta is 72. I doubt if a 10 handicapper would break 110 around there on a Sunday. More likely 120-125.   Sorry, but until you have been there, seen the slopes, looked at the tightness of the fairways, the grain, the way the greens are prepared and the way they are set up on a Sunday, you just have no idea. What looks reasonable on TV ain't.   And to say that Augusta does not have unfair pin placements...I guarantee you it does and that occasionally they are...
Just on this, Colin Montgomerie said that if he took on a medium handicapper around Augusta, he reckoned he could give the MH 4 shots a hole and still beat them, purely because of the greens speed.
Let me just let you know about the greens there and how they are prepared - I got there early on the Saturday morning and got to watch them prepare the 16th, plus I also shared a coffee with a couple of the greenkeepers later and chatted to them about the set-up. You basically have a guy with a hand cut mower cutting the green's to 1/8th - that's as far as they dare go on the slopes before they chop earth. The blades are sharpened on every mower every day by a maintenance...
OK, having been there, seen where the tee's are, the extent of the gradients on the fairway, the tightness of the tree's and the extraordinary preparation of the greens, I'll go   1. I'll be both pumped and nervous. A crowd of 5000 people are around the tee, plus those who are milling around at the bottom of the dip just from the tee (an area that links the entrance, concessions and driving range to the course) are applauding. I will immediately check my underpants for...
As I understand it, the hot tix for the Masters are the Thursday - Friday tix because of the opening shots and the fact that the entire field are out there.
Have used the Hex Chrome Black - they last forever. Don't fly for me as much as the Bridgestone, but if you are playing on greens still a bit 'Spring slow' then they have a nice combination of spin and roll out - your ball won't check as much as a Pro V1. Plus I'm a fan of yellow balls, wish Titleist made Pro V1's in yellow.
  The book - this is the 2011 version so it's probably out of date now as far as features, greens, teebox, locations. Pretty neat though. I'd like to show the insides, but the contents are copyrighted to the Augusta National and knowing how insane they are, the Sandtrap would probably get an injunction or some crap.
Professional golf is a closed shop - generally if you write an article on one player and he's well liked, you'll struggle to get more out of the closed ranks. It's why really juicy golf story's very rarely happen unless they get broken by the player themselves (see Couples, Faldo, Montgomery, Woods etc). Mosy golf fans don't worry about the salacious stuff, of who Woods is sleeping with, who Henryk Stenson got screwed over by financially or whether a certain Ryder Cup...
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