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No.   He's finished. His swing is now built to protect elements of his body that break down regularly, and that syrupy Els-like swing has now disappeared, replace by a hoik that looks like a guy throwing a sack of cats off of a pier. His head bobs up and down like a Johnny Football bobblehead.   Finished. Sideshow Bob.
Mahan isn't fit to carry Langer's school satchel.
Child, silence.   In professional golf, you have to be honourable - if players look at you and detect a whiff of dishonesty, your credibility is shot.   Tringale's 'DQ' warrants investigation, but as ever, the PGA just brush it, as they have done so many times.
1. He whiffed it. 2. He knew he whiffed it. 3. He can count. 4. He recorded a 4. 5. He should have recorded a 5. 6. He allowed the person keeping his score to mark him for 4. 7. He should have told the person keeping his score to mark him for 5. 8. He played 7 more holes and said nothing. 9. Upon reviewing the cards he said nothing. 10. He knowingly signed for a 4 on #11 when he had actually made a 5. 11. He accepted $53,000 all while knowing he had signed an incorrect...
It's just a flat out disgrace Tringale is in the mix this week - he should be serving a one-year suspension.
If you anchor, you cheat.
Problem with Scott is that, like Bradley, every history book that has a mention of his tournament / major wins will show   Adam Scott - Masters Winner 2013 *   (* used putter now illegal)   Tringale should not even be on the tour, let alone be at the top of the leaderboard. He should be serving a ban for knowingly lying to his playing partner, marking an incorrect score knowingly and signing it in as legit knowingly.    Far from being a sign of 'good karma' for...
That was a perfect lie and just a poorly executed shot - landed a good 15 yards further than his intended land spot. Chose a club with way too much bounce.   Mickelson's form is alarming given the RC is charging towards us.
''He's just not that great. I think Rory will be the next Lee Westwood, albeit with a prettier swing. I know a lot of you think/wish/hope he'll be the second coming, but I'm not buying that product. He hasn't shown me that fire you need to be a multiple major winner. I say he finishes his career with 2, maybe 3 majors and 10-15 tournament wins.''   Wow. Just read that. That's hilarious, but ya know hindsight..20/20...lol.
Sabatini is fine and should be applauded - he abhors slow play and lets people know it. Quite right too.   None of these people I know and so the idea that I 'hate them' or 'root against them' - how can I?
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