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No, she was always in the middle during the playoff.
Hi David, no you don't know him. Its Nico the owner of the Dutch forum Golfchat. Trying to get him to Florida next time
Played an official fourball betterbal tournament yesterday. It was fun to play under pressure and difficult conditions. Because of the weather we normally don't play from the back-tee's anymore (only april-oktober), but this tourney we had to. The fairways were moist, no roll at all and playing very long that day (CR 73.2, SR 141, 6807Y).    It's a tourney for the better players, winners scored a 68 (-4) and we made an 83 (+11). We ended 33 out of 52 teams. I made two...
I once hit a reverse shank. That's when the ball (for a right handed players) goes left in the same way a normal shank goes to the right. And what about braking your 9 iron in the woods on a tree during a one player round trying to save your double bogey with a 0.00000001 percentage shot
Welcome here Han. This is a a forum you will like. Hope to see you at the Nunspeet tourney
This is fun I'm in too.   @iacas @Lihu @jamo @Golfingdad @Shorty @Ernest Jones @boogielicious @cipher @JetFan1983 @Jakester23 @billchao @mvmac @l3rewski @Pretzel @David in FL @flopster @newtogolf @scorpion12 @MacDutch
Had my best shot of the year last friday, only 5 day's after my almost hole in one,  I made an Eagle on a par4. 330y par 4 with water on the right side of the fairway. Hit my 3-wood to 125y. The guy I was playing with, hit his second shot form 150y to one foot and then it was my turn. Second shot in the hole for my second Eagle ever.
Think its more like he's a golfer, not someone into organising golf.
Never liked the pro at Ratty Pond either.
Got one myself. Last year I played El Campeon the more exciting 18 holes (2x18) at Mission Inn, Florida. The signature hole is a par5 called Devils Delight. This hole you need not only be straight, but also precise.   My driver sliced the ball to the right side into the woods, to leave me with a sandy lie and a lot of branches. So I took out my driver again and hit an other slicy shot, just low enough not to hit the branches. Still 300y to the green, and I pulled my 5...
New Posts  All Forums: