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 Oh yes, I can say that easily. First it has to do with the definition of a bad round, second it has to do with accepting that you do your best.Made a couple of 100+ rounds this year. Played a course and wanted to stay under 100 and made 95. I was happy.
Just last sunday and made 10 GIRs. But I 3-putted 4 times, even once from 9 yards. Scored a very decent 82. Seems like something happend during the winter, hope the golfgods do not strike me by lightning now
Thanks for the pictures I get from your post. New driver is always a good idea.
 The guy who did this unofficial rating in the link I gave, is well aware of this all. But even if the slope is 145, it would give me only one extra stroke. So again when I have a weeks training on the course, bringing my a-game and a bit of luck, I would be able to score a low 90.
The course has been rated unofficially a couple of years ago for 'sunday at the masters conditions'. Result courserating of 78.1 and a slope of 137. Which means a scratch golfer on a good day (and local knowledge) would be able to score high in the seventies. My course handicap would be 19, so a 91 after a week of practice on the course and bringing my a-game and a bit of luck would be possible. http://www.popeofslope.com/magazine/how_tough_augusta.html
First things first. Will meet you as a single digit player and be proud as a monkey with 7 d1cks.
Scored an 82 last sunday and my EGA handicap went .6 down to 10.6. And made 4 threeputts that round. Should have been my first sub 80 score ever.
 Welcome to the trap. A + handicapper is someone who plays better than scratch. With baseball background and highly competitive you will be able to reach single digits, but +20........ no!
Am I entitled to bring my A-game and have a caddie who knows his way around the course? Am I entitled to practice all week like the pro's do? If these questions are answered 'yes' I would break 100.
I hit my 7w 155-190y For fun I played a 130y par3 using my driver, had a putt for birdie, made par.
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