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In my first year of golf, I holed out from a bunker to save my tripple bogey. First two from the tee were out of bounds    4 years passed before I made my first eagle. 
Bit off topic, but one of the three must be Tiger 
Nothing wrong here. I do the same on a course I play sometimes (on purpose)
This weekend the new season finally started. My first round for handicap purposes a 79 and HCP down to 9.5. Sunday 27 holes training-round. Last 18 a 81 and Bazooka like drives, so I'm all stoked up now.   Probably de golfing gods will strike me with a pull hook for thinking I got my drive under control.
I had a best shot yesterday   Hit my drive too much to the left that kept me a 140y shot to the green from the semi rough. There was one big problem, because I could not hit the ball higher then 2 yards high because of the tree my ball was under. Decided to hit a low shot with my 5 wood, that ended on the green 9 feet from the cup and made birdie. It was on the 18th hole, so I walked with a big smile to the terrace and ordered a beer to celebrate. 
I'm not a pro, but would really hate it when someone would talk trash to me during a serious round of golf. From what I see at television the pro's at the highest level who are in contention give credits to each other when hitting a good one.   Spieth for instance gave Rose a thumbs up when Rose almost made birdie from 90 yards (tap in par).
Hope Spieth will win, if Tiger doesn't. I think he will by 4 strokes or more.
I am happy Tiger is back. Saw some nice shots:-)
 Something good to talk about David? Will play my first tournament this year at the 25th this month. 
  This! It's a well ment tip. When I started playing golf, I bought the cheapest too. No problem hitting a ball in the woods, just drop an other one, don't go searching for the lost ball. No stress hitting that ball twice in the water.
New Posts  All Forums: