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Thanks for your postings Peter. They remind me of the @tourspoon blog, which I followed with great interest.
You can't challenge this!    
There was too much going on in his mind. He made the wrong choice, but even for a pro on the tour it was a very special moment under difficult conditions.
When on vacation in Florida, I played 1.5 rounds a day over a period of 14 days.
Took me almost a year. Played 3 times a week.
A couple of years ago I played a three day tournament in Italy. First day I was playing together with an Italian golfer who played of HCP 1. He was not playing to his handicap, but you could see he was a true golfer. Also very nice and helpfull.   On the last day, players that already finished their round gathered behind the green of hole 18, one of the most difficult holes of the course. We applouded for everyone hitting the green, it did not matter if it was a chip or...
During a vacation I played a course I had never played before. My drive on the first hole was way to much to the right, but people on the terras above me (clubhouse) applouded when I watched my ball land on the far right side of the fairway. Second shot was on the green and two putts later I had a par start....... on the wrong green. My first shot had been perfect.
Hmmmm,First instagram picture does not look like she is golfing, the vid she's teeing on the wrong side of the teebox. Last pic really looks like a nice picture of a nongolfer. So whats the verdict on her beeing a golfer?Edit: first picture is a vid. Maybe....
Because its a very narrow fairway, I would play my 9-wood to the left side of the fairway (170-180y). No water in play and it looks as if there are less trees compared to the right side. This will leave me a 40-70y shot to the green. 
Looks like matchplay, but an '11 et 10' is an unlikely score...
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