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Pff that was a close call. Never done before, to change your goalkeeper because the substitute is a better penalty stopper. Its Krul with one l by the way
I created a couple of new golfers in 2013 and 14. One of them I really helped out by playing a lot, and giving him tips. Also went to the shop and helped him to decide wich clubs to buy. Now I have a new target. Asked him a couple of times, but never a yes. But yesterday bingo! He had been to the drivingrange a couple of times and I invited him to play a business round. He said yes, but wanted to practise with me a 9 holes round first, we did that yesterday. It was a...
Don't think I will be able to organize a team of six. But I would love to play in one of the teams for sure. So if there is a Cup, I will sponsor some small prizes, depending on the format you decide.
 You will find it again, loose it, find it, loose it again, and again and again and again. Like most of us do.
Is there a Newport Cup Cup? If not I would be glad to sponsor it. If so, I would be glad to sponsor some small prices. You understand this is all to bribe myself into the rest of the world team.
We could also make a theme-day like: - what happens when teeing it forward - what happens if you play like advised in 'lowest score wins' - etc
 Now you're talking. Would like that very much. Do'nt know if you guys are into sidegames like:- most fairway's hit- most greens hit- neary, tweary, quiry- etcMaybe thats a bit too touristic/funny?We could also do a pre or after round sidegame like:- nearest to the pin in x shots- know your distances in x shots- chipping contest- putting contest- combined chipping and putting contest (up-and-down)Afterwards we could discuss techniques (eufemism for drink a couple of beers...
In a seriously played round I would try to take all the risk out of this hole. So first shot to the bunker. Probably my 3 wood. Next shot my most dependable club, my 7 wood. This would leave me somewhere between 110y and 80y, third shot a wedge to the middle of the green. Walk away with a par, maybe a birdie if I get lucky. Never worse than a bogey. But when playing a fun round, I would go driver, 3 wood and try to get an Eagle opportunity.
You could also do: - a theme like 'only irons' (Iron man) - matchplay knock-out (winners play winners, loosers against each other) - matchplay fourball competition (all teams play each other) It is possible to combine this with west east, or California against te rest. Obviously I would prefer California against the rest of the world! Would this be a one day event? Maybe two days......
Ryder-cup format could be fun. Count me in!
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