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Irish open for sure. 
Last week I was on a golf trip to Italy, near lake Como. Had a best shot I would like to share   First day I wanted to play the Lanzo course, but there was a tourney, so I could not play. I asked if I could enter the tourney and that was no problem. Lost 7 balls, so not a winning score that day, but there was a best shot of the month involved. It is a nine hole course and the short par3 was hit on the back side of the green by my pitching wedge. This was a bit strange,...
Every tournament I enter I play with a bad swing. Just play and have fun.
Jordan! He was -16 during the matchplay rounds he played last week.
Search e-bay for 'petite golf clubs'. I would recommend grafite. But it all depends on how small and strong she is..... If she is a starter, not big for her age and not a strong fast swinger, that would be the clubs to start with.
300y in the trees would be nice
This is sad news. Hopefully it will help them both to focus at winning major prizes!
Middle of the green with some exceptions. Some greens are 40 yard deep and have more then one plateau. I try to hit it on the right plateau. When I am within 120 yard, I go for the flag.  
In my first year of golf, I holed out from a bunker to save my tripple bogey. First two from the tee were out of bounds    4 years passed before I made my first eagle. 
Bit off topic, but one of the three must be Tiger 
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