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 Why not play yourself? I think the rest of the team would like it if you and Mike would play to. About the handicap limit. I think the best thing to do is play without handicap (maybe I did not understand that correctly). So when you play against someone, no strokes given whatsoever. This means you need to play against someone of approximately the same strenght.
  Looking forward to it David :-)
I played a two day tournament last weekend organised by a Dutch golf-forum. My score the first day is blurred by Korsakov light, but thanks to the pictures I made, I still remember my score the second day.   We played the Gelpenberg, a difficult and long course I had only played once before a couple of years ago. I was really in form with the driver, missed the fairway only once.     Still managed to make bogey but the mushroom did not survive.   My big problem...
I play a lot of tournaments. Most of the times they are based on Stableford in two categories. My categorie hcp 16 or better. Will post some info and pics of the tournament I played last sunday.
 36 holes a day is a peace of cake! Are you guys carrying your bags or driving? But maybe we will play the cup in the morning and play an other 18 for fun in the afternoon for the more addicted guys like me and Jamo.
Not a lot of brainstorming going on here.... We could make a par 3's birdie pool. Only par 3's makes it competitive for everyone. Not only for longhitters who are used to reaching par 5's in 2.
There is not a big difference between USGA handicaps and EGA handicaps for people who play a lot of rounds that qualify for their handicap. That is for someone who fills in his scorecard correctly. I have a USGA hcp of 9.5 and a EGA hcp of 9.7. Two years ago it was 13.x against 13.y. But I also play a lot of rounds just for fun on courses I never played before. Most of the times these rounds are somewhere in the high twenties....
Pff that was a close call. Never done before, to change your goalkeeper because the substitute is a better penalty stopper. Its Krul with one l by the way
I created a couple of new golfers in 2013 and 14. One of them I really helped out by playing a lot, and giving him tips. Also went to the shop and helped him to decide wich clubs to buy. Now I have a new target. Asked him a couple of times, but never a yes. But yesterday bingo! He had been to the drivingrange a couple of times and I invited him to play a business round. He said yes, but wanted to practise with me a 9 holes round first, we did that yesterday. It was a...
Don't think I will be able to organize a team of six. But I would love to play in one of the teams for sure. So if there is a Cup, I will sponsor some small prizes, depending on the format you decide.
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