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I just learned this from a wise man: 'don't play too much golf, two rounds a day is enough' Harry Vardon, golf legend.
Lower! This year 8.x, next year 7.x. There is still room for improvement on course management, approach shots, chipping and putting.
Hi Pete, I would consider playing in multi-day strokeplay tournaments (amateurs). This helps to get used to compete in a way you will be competing in the future (Pro golf tour).
I voted Spieth, but Tiger will shoot the winning score.
You must have had an awefull day.
Sandra Gal!
I just viewed a replay of the last round of Brooke Henderson. 17 years of age and an eight stroke difference winning the Cambia Portland classic. What a bright girl that is.
I will be watching. I'd like too see Tiger shoot in the 60's.
I don't want to vote, giving these two options. The course at Whistling straits wasn't set up easy. At day 4, the pinpositions were nasty. It was the weather that made it possible to go low.
Funny stuff, this hcp system in England. You should play a couple of Stableford tournaments, they will call you a sandbagger I was near to Pottergate last time I visited England a couple of week ago, should have tried to do a round together.
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