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I would like to see more pictures. Its true, this must be done by the members. But most of us don't. Maybe some threads to get us going. For instance ' show us a picture of where you played today'. And maybe a thread on signature holes. Pics and how someone played it. Best picture of the month and a small prize? But overall, there is a lot and very good content.
And he is hooked now Takes his clubs with him this weekend. Weekend is supposed to be a cycling weekend.
I was there, now 24 years later the s.o.b. Doesn't even want to caddy me only laughs when I ask and goes to battingpractise Take the money and run.
A few higher. Also because you get used to slower greens, but when used, you need to adjust more to an other course that has fast greens. And because I don't practise an hour or more on the greens I will play my round on. Ok, I am a moron when it comes to practise
Gilberg is de master of absurd humor. So give him an answer he can work with.   @Gilberg Good idea, but this is all secret stuff, nobody will tell on an internet forum. You have to go deep under cover. Start with Dan and contact the wizzard of Oz. 
Yes Cornelis played too, scored a 91, not what you want to score as a 6.x hcp. Fingers crossed for you next sunday.
Played last sunday the Goyer open. A strokplay tournament for the better amateur golfers. Winner after a playoff 69 strokes (-3). And boy it was hard on me. First time ever on that course, Stimp was 10.5, where I played the day before the tournament a round on slooow sanded, aereated greens. Made a 103, including a two stroke penalty because of a wrong drop. First hole a 2.5 feet putt for par I missed, 5th a 2.5 feet putt for bogey turned into a tripple. A par5: third...
Hi David, congrats on your score. Missed the thread by a day. Let's help to get you some extra pressure during your next round. I bet you will not be able to score lower then 80 (same course or one that is as difficult). If you do, I will buy you a nice dinner at Millers alehouse. If you don't you will have to pay beer for me and my Dutch buddies next time we play together. Edit: to be sure on a 18 holes par 72 course
Working on a difficult victim now. The lady in question went with me to Florida two years ago and she did not have any golfing-experience. It was like taking a novice skier to a double diamond downhill track. Made a big mistake there. She agreed to play a nine holes par 3 course with me yesterday and we had a lot of fun.
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