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Yes, highschool kids, or..... me after hitting it fat for the seventh time in a row
We had tons of fun playing With David and his group. Margin between loss and win was a couple of putts, my playingpartner and I were lucky to beat David. The match between the two teams is the highlight of this vacation.Wednesday we will play again on invitation by one of Davids buddies on the private course where he is a member. But first Bay Hill today
Caramba, I'm not ready yet. Onely read the first chapter of lowest score wins. So will try to hit it longer. You know Yankees is from Jan-Kees? Two Dutch names!
Just bought 'Lowest score wins', will read it before the match 
Wow!!!! Piet is not there, he was the McDowell of our group.
Kick! We will be back starting the 6th of october. Again we will play against a @David in Fl team. Only problem is we are with 7. David could you arrange Graem McDowell to play as our 8th guy?
I play with scratch to hcp 2 golfers every month. They can hit it a mile and scramble most of the time it is needed. But they are not even close to hitting it like a pro.   Our clubchamp from two years ago was a +2/+3 hcp. He started playing pro golf starters level pro, two divisions below the European tour. This year he made one or two cuts on that level. His ballstriking is a lot better than the scratchplayers I know. 
 Let's shake hands. Ditto, but I have a new wizzard-club a wooden 9!
Getting better every year I play. Started 5 years ago: - after one year at 24.9 - after two 16.9 -after three 13.9 -after four 11.2 - after five 9.7 (current) Changed sets 5 times. Found a pro that was able to teach me. This last point is very important, to find someone that recognize how you learn and is able to adapt. No drivingrange sessions for me. I play a lot, like 3-4 times a week. Play with better players! Give a lot a of attention to coursemanagement.
I would like to see more pictures. Its true, this must be done by the members. But most of us don't. Maybe some threads to get us going. For instance ' show us a picture of where you played today'. And maybe a thread on signature holes. Pics and how someone played it. Best picture of the month and a small prize? But overall, there is a lot and very good content.
New Posts  All Forums: