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yes, that's me!  
Ah, what do we have here, a cave man! LOL, you have got to be kidding me, go back to the kitchen? LMAO. GEE, you must be really smart!  
It's an anatomical fundamental. I taught it to Chuck and my name is Alison Thietje. I pioneered fitness for golf and anatomical fundamentals for all motions in the golf swing. For ANY swing model.  I have many anatomical fundamentals that work on everyone. They are laws. Chuck uses all of them and I taught him back in 2008. It is very simple. Learn to move ONE bone and shut down the muscles in the arms that normally move, do it a lot, through out the day without hitting...
My name is Alison Thietje. I discovered the anatomical fundamentals: Move1, 2,3,4. I taught Chuck these fundamentals. When we met, I gave him a golf lesson and his response to that golf lesson is public in many places when you google: Rotary Swing blogs. I just want to educate golfers on the fact that there is NO difference between swing mechanics and body mechanics. It has been a tough sell to the golf industry and neither Chuck or any other golf instructors understood...
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