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Just saw MI movie with this actress on the weekend.That picture doesnt do justice.Looks better close up on screen.  
Was playing poker and remember seeing her on that show "poker after dark"   Shania Hiatt. Imagine going home with her make my losses at the table less painful!  
  Taylor Swift. without makeup . I like her with just a touch of makeup, Often  she puts too much on.
Back pin is easier as generally for me as I have options. I can hit the ball high and land near the pin or lower ball flight and land short of the flag and run up. Tight Front pin placement is harder to access IMO  if the green is protected by water or sand and the only option is to flight a higher trajectory, Par 4 and 5 makes even more difficult as certain lies on the fairway makes it almost impossible for me to flight it high.
I would set up like Spieth with essentially the same motion use a LW except I would make sure I rolled the ball close to the hole He probably stubbed it because he was off balance Always good to do a few practice strokes before actual shot if balance is an issue
Taylor Swift.   Yo , Old fogies, She's not a teenager anymore   
Never ever try to diagnosis on the course when playing a tournament. Play for score and try to dissect it afterwards on the range or another day. If my ball flight doesn't work I don't want to fix it on the course that day it just leads to big scores for me. I play with whatever ball flight that is working that day for me
if you are thinking tour pro there is less chance. Jordan was already a +4 at 14 years old i m sure you can make as a teaching pro if you work on your game
I am really impressed with Jordan. i think he will win more majors than Rory. So young. Great golfing mind trumps physically gifts
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