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I usually choke down on the 7iron or use a full strike 8iron to hit it 170 yards
Keep attacking the pins Tmac!  I think thats the best way to get to +handicap. The more specific the target the better.
 The question is can you carry a 6iron 200 yards with the same swing?It takes exceptional technique to be able to do that, not exceptional swing speed.The sound coming the clubface should sound different too, more like a "click" than a 'thud" Think "strike" and not 'hit".
If I take a full swing with my wedges I will hook it everytime. I like practicing my wedge starting from 60 yards Use half swing and move back to 90 yards and take club 3/4 Experiment with three wedges with different loft and I have everything covered to the 140 yard without having to hit a full swing
i have to agree feel produces mechanics. I have always posted Im a "feel" player. often when i start thinking about mechanics, its  when Im tired near the end of a round or not fully stretched out before I play. It amazing what a simple stretching exercise can do for your round and endurance.
I think i will rely on my trusted method which is bump shot for uncomplicated ones with okay lies and lots of green to work with. My bump +run is more like a bump + lag as I tend to let the ball roll out like a lag putt to the back rim.
 I find the LW extremely  useful.I get a kick out of those who dont use it and bash others who do. Its like learning to snowboard rather than skiing.  You either dig it or not. And Im not saying that the only way to get down the hill. Good to learn the both the oldtimer's method as well and see what's your percentage shot. Keep trying the LW, like snowboarding , have to fall down a lot before you get it, but one you do you get it  , its a stok'ed feeling.
I'm a big believer in Mike Shannon theory that some golfers perceive in straight lines and others curved. Sometimes it takes some introspection to figure out what your preferences are. I'm know when I play well I perceive in curved lines however there are some tricky greens that I know I will 3putt if I don't take time to read carefully and use some straight line method I have heard that aim point is good for that Sometimes using a line on the ball works too
You play with a scratch golfer everyday There is a scratch player in you It's just that your mind gets in your way. Scores go up cause people get too over mechanical. Too mad. Too hestistant. Too critical of themselves. Sometimes you have to think of yourself in the third party and just let self 1 go and play golf. That the scratch player you play with every time you tee it up He is in you
Without getting to overly complicated, my approach and setup is different for my woods vs irons I tend to "hold" my woods and let swing tighten my grip pressure With the irons I tend to grip tighter at address depending on the type of shot I want to exucute and keep steady pressure It's become a feel manner especially the woods
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