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Good luck with that Have to be +4 or better to be competitive enough to be touring pro.
I hate watching the slicer and the hacker.
I don't like the TGM definition of swinging vs hitting. It's more abstract and theory is not very easy make into practice Also too many diverging applications from teaching pros I think the distinction should be hitting versus striking. There is always a swing
I play my 8i-GW different than my long irons. Currently I m having an hooking problem. Sculling does happen but not as much. I know that if my right hand grip is too weak and I feel an open face there's a chance of sculling. I tend to grip so that the clubface feels closed or completely shut with my right hand (strong?). The more shut my club face the more I tend to have deeper divots
I bought Elk's "tour short game" I liked it. I'm not a fan of TGM but he was explaining his chipping as angle hinging , roll etc It actually made some TGM theories relevant
The PP3 concept is moronic and leads to poor release of the club especially with the driver.
No one. I like my own swing thank you. My swing looks exactly like Adam Scott. I am tall and lean and move off the ball with my torso.
I was scoping a new course and paired up with high handicappers who took out driver every hole.  Came up to a 310 yard, narrow , with trees behind the green and tight treeline fairway. Layup with long iron was the best play.  The yahoo I was playing with asked why I didnt take my driver out. I find that a lot of these guys just dont understand course management.  Even if I was confident with driver, it's not the percentage play. 
I think everyone has a different feel where power comes from. For me I generate my distance from full unrestricted pelvic turn and there is a chain sequence of energy transferred to my clubshaft. However I need strong forearms and hands to hang onto this torque not neccessary to add to it.
My interpretation is more along the lines of the takeaway.A "hands controlled pivot" is a hands controlled takeaway like a Kenny Perry who look like he's using more hands and forearms directing the startup. A "pivot controlled hands" is a pivot controlled takeaway like any modern tour player. I think its more of a rhythmic difference. Looking at tapes of previous generations golfers in the 50-60s some rhythms were odd and funky and more "armsy and handsy"
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