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Very interesting....I guess this is the normal progression...   common thing my progression as an ameteur was a slicer, (36 handicap) then i learned to draw it, (20 handicap)   thought more was better and it turned into a hook. (12 handicap) started to minimise it (4 handicap) went to a fade again (scratch) now play all shapes (pro)   I learned the draw last year and it put me in the low 80s...this year I get the hooks....the only problem with that is...
I live in this world also....whenever this creeps into my drives it is because my hands have moved quicker then my hips. Basically fatigue related where my lower body stops moving.   Here is a couple of items that work for me.   1. Slow down the backswing but make sure you bring it back as far as comfortable. THis allows the hips to open ahead of the club.   2. If you cant get #1 you can set up with your forward foot open and 2-3inches behind the target line....
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Callaway will make it right...I had the same issue with my Razr x 3 wood and they replaced it quickly. Excellent customer service....they even sent me some HEX golf balls no charge.
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