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Have to agree Im around a 20 and I can get a round in a about 2.5 hrs with no one in front of me at a reasonable pace. Not rushing by any means.   OP I have a similar problem. I think its actually a rhythm issue.I get out of it so to speak when I have to wait. 
It was cool today with Bubba and Keegan playing to the crowd in the afternoon. I just would not hold my breath waiting for that kinda of interaction at say the US Open or pretty much any regular PGA event. 
Sorry but two people who leave the tee box at the same time and have to travel 200 yards are not going to arrive at the same time, when one walks and one rides a cart. Over all walkers are faster than most cart riders. But that has a lot do with what takes place when the cart is parked and not playing ready golf.
Have never had a pace of play issue. Its not like anyone really is going to walk to the ball from the teebox faster than the cart can drive. So I walk to the ball from there and my playing partner is either ahead or behind or across from my ball. It works for me and I can say pace of play has never been an issue. Wish I could find courses that allow walking all the time, but june, july,august really wouldnt matter with 112 degree temps.
Same boat here. Have been using a "coach" for about a year with three to four rounds in between lessons. I would say if he/she will allow it video tape the lesson and that way you can repeat what your taught that day. Also make sure he/she gives you a drill or two to help ingrain what it is your working on. The Pro I use lets me tape my session and its helps to have a week after. 
I ride somewhat and well the heat kind of has a hand in that. But I refuse to drive off the cart path even if its on the opposite side. I grab a few clubs and walk over to ball getting an idea of the slope and feel for the grass. The extra time walking across the fairway gets me into the shot. I for one dont like the ones who drive from ball to ball leaving a few inches to shoot from. Some days I think my playing partner is in the cart three times as much as I am. Sadly...
Glad to see Im not the only "geek". Im a stat freak to begin with and with an analyst job its hard to shake. I know my stats on my three favorite courses so I know what holes kill me score wise etc. 
I'm probably in the minority. i play the men's, middle, white (6200ish) tees what ever you want to call them. I give it two holes. If my swing doesn't feel right that day I will move up and play the shorter tees. No sense in struggling all day to shoot a horrible score and take the fun out of it. My home course is not the longest but not the shortest either. I see to many people who are afraid to go up to the forward tees because they still have the "women's" tees...
I dont mind walking and will in the fall once in awhile. But the summers and late spring down here in South Carolina can be quite brutal to walk. Not to mention like someone else said most top courses down here do not allow walking or at very limited times. So most people really do not have a choice. As a side note most major tournaments down here allow walking.
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