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That's one thing I like about mine is they have a "welcome" committee that sets up potential members with members to play a round or two. You get to enjoy the place for a day or two to see if it's right for you.
I belong to a semi-private club. It used to be private with waiting list etc but economic times changed that. The staff is great and they tend to know you by name which is a nice touch. The membership is welcoming however like every club it has its I'm to good for anyone else members. They definitely are the minority though. Fees are great and course is challenging and well maintained. The one good thing is I have about 6 courses within a 20 minute drive so they have to...
We stay in the AC all day and golf twilight or early AM. Let the tourist die in the humidity.
lol :) got me there
I can see your point. Maybe best thing is to make all these unplayable which in all cases they are seeing how one cannot play a lost ball or one that's in a pond or one out of the course boundaries.
 Then the most equitable thing would be let those that are visible in a hazard be played or deemed unplayable at the player sees fit. The then can take a two club length drop under 28 C. to speed play and make it easier or what ever choice they want under the unplayable ball rule. The problem I have is if the ball is in the middle of the lake or stream it is for all intent and purpose lost or out of bounds. They should treat those circumstances the same way.
Agree 100% it's starting to get to the best golf weather in the south. Mild not as humid and you can walk 18 without losing 100 pounds of sweat. Oct to early Dec and March to May are great in SC.
I believe the lost ball stroke and distance has been fairly constant since the beginning. Personally water hazards should be treated the same it is lost after all. Same for ob. Treat all three as stroke and distance or none at all.
Shot 50 on the back nine after work today and it is killing my scores lately. Front nine I'm averaging 40-45 but the back is always 10 or more strokes higher. Back is longer so probably has a lot to do with it. Course is 3051 front 3156 back 70.0/129.
I don't believe it reflects poorly on you. You have addressed it with him which is all you can do. I would just leave it at your doing what's right and you obviously cannot change him at this point. Maybe suggest to the officers prior to the tourney to have each cart score the other cart. This way he's not scoring the card for himself. I'm only being easy on him because the other guys have to have noticed his scoring and have not called him out which I know of I would have...
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