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Oh how I am thankful for this decision yesterday. Landed my tee shot into a fire ant nest and no way I was hitting it outta that. One fire ant "dance" is enough for me in this lifetime.
That's why I have a hard time buying into the it takes to long. People complain about a 4-5 maybe six hour day outside yet will spend 7 hrs Saturday and another 7 Sunday watching football on tv. Or any sporting event for that matter.The more I read it's the it's to hard excuse that I'm thinking is the major obstacle.
Seeing all the course listing for Florida and knowing how many are here in South Carolina (10 within a hop skip and jump from my house) it would be interesting to see if the decline is regional. Maybe the Midwest or Northeast are hit hardest etc.
Here is an interesting view from someones comment on the article that made me post this question. "Golf's biggest challenge is over coming a culture and society that values teams sports. Most parents have no problem shelling out almost a grand for a hockey season or hundreds for a travel team in baseball or even a couple hundred for a little league season as its seen as a chance for their kids to make friends. Golf on the other hand is seen as a solo sport where your not...
A lot of the money issue is priorities and the perception golf is expensive to start. New golfers need , like it's been stated a few times, us established golfers to show its not. There is no excuse that a beginner should have the perception they cannot play twice a month at a par3 or executive or muni course for under 40 dollars. No reason they should feel that they can not play with clubs that cost 100 or less for a set. The initial cost may be higher than baseball or...
That's why they need youth leagues like Little League for example. Get the younger ones involved more and the sport will lose stereotypes like that and grow.
Memberships are they way to go if you don't mind playing the same course more times than not. Cost is something you can control as is the time in most cases. In my opinion people who like golf will stick around no matter what. They will find a way to play once or twice a month, even if it's just a charity scramble tournaments. They understand golf is not a game to be mastered. People with no patience are the ones who leave it before they even give it a chance. People who...
http://en.m.wiktionary.org/wiki/golf Also has golfing listed as a verb.
http://www.grammarphobia.com/blog/2011/12/golf.html Pretty good article about it.
Thanks :)
New Posts  All Forums: