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For someone who is not in the NHL shes played with a lot of NHL Players
I think you guys are forgetting that these wives are equally guilty. Its a scum bag move but those women chose to participate so I am not sure that's all his fault. As for the drugs that will ruin his life so he'll face plenty of repercussions for his decisions.
If you read opinions from David Leadbetter, Jim Mclean, Harmon brothers, etc. guys who have taught multiple major winners.   Not one of them condones s&t, the whole thing was a fad. A bunch of S&T students won in a short period and then it became this revolutionary idea which in reality it is not at all. Nothing in golf is new. S&T evolved from Mac Ogrady a guy who tried to play as a right and leftie. I think people fail to realize that this group of players are all...
who is your chiropractor would be a more appropriate question?  
all jokes aside with the wind behind I would hit a club that at maximum with the wind would not fly over the green, with the wind behind it helps to make a more full swing so you can get some spin on the ball and stop it on the green. Im not saying swing harder than normal because that's counterproductive but try to get a more full swing so you get through the rough and can stop the ball after one or two bounces on the green. long and on the green is okay because you...
did you write this on the course and then wait for the responses before playing your shot because I think I was behind you, you slow bastard  
What If I told you four years ago that Tiger was banging porn stars and diner waitresses.   Not sure what I stand to gain from making an anonymous post on a website so that I can make up a story out of thin air about someone I have never met.   Thanks for the tips on member of the year, but I was being sarcastic  
This why I love golf because after one round you can pretty much determine everything you need to know about someone.
I mean I can't go back in time and recreate said event so I have no proof. That being said the guy who told me I have known for 5+years and he was an employee of the course and the story was confirmed by more than one employee there. I don't see how it benefits anyone to badmouth any pro if you work in the golf business. Not sure what the point in making up a story like that would be but hey I you like Mike Weir I can see why, he has contributed to charity events and...
These are personal experiences except for my story about Mike Weir which is from a well known friend     Jerks Hubert Green- legendary jerk, he was tomahawking his driver into the tee box and cursing up a storm at the Allianz tournament one year when I went.   Hunter Mahan - self-centered baby- watched him in person a handful of times over the years and I often see him throw his ball into the pond when he could turn 90degrees and give it to a kid and make his...
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