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Same here, just with higher lofted woods. Titleist all the way!
lol i just found the Wedge Replacement post (http://thesandtrap.com/forum/showthr...ighlight=wedge)
I'm not sure if anyone's ever discussed this but I want to know if this would be a good wedge setup: PW - 48 (actually 47 with my 704.CB's but same thing) SW - 54 degree LW - 60 degree I currently have a 48-52-56 setup but I'm interested in getting a lob wedge. However, that would mean 4 wedges which also means no hybrid in the bag. If I do get a 48-54-60 setup, i'm afraid the difference in lofts will be too much. What to do? what to dooo?
........ Give me your most comprehensive review of the club once you get it. PLEASE.... I desperately need a hybrid club. Not having one HAS helped me learn to hit my 3 Iron but I really wish I could go for more par 5's or be closer to the hole when I can't hit my driver. My game is getting better so quickly these days, I think its because I get free balls at the range now that I'm an employee there and I really think some new equipment could plug some gaps that are...
I use to rip up my skin all the time with my grip. I played a lot this summer so I developed a lot of callousses but the best thing you can do is check your grip pressure. Or like my instructor says, pretend your holding a tofu or a squid in your hands. I didn't know I was gripping too tightly until I noticed how tense my forearms were. The best thing to do is to get someone to check up on your grip.
I voted frequently but I'd like to change my answer. I don't see gamesmanship as low-class except when you're trying to have a friendly round and you decide you have to beat your friends or playing partner to have fun. You have to put on the heat sometimes, especially when you're playing for your school to win the league championships. But usually, I'm only worried about my own game and I actually try to block out my opponents or playing partners COMPLETELY. Like the...
HOLED A SHOT FROM 135 YARDS TODAY Par 4, tee shot was short but in the fairway. Conditions were pretty dry so i was expecting some roll and i happened to be correct. Perfect trajectory, slightest draw, and bounce-bounce-roll into the cup. First eagle ever and first hole-out from off the green. I've gotten so close to chipping or pitching it in so many times and somehow i manage to hole it from 135 yards. Pretty amazing shot... too bad i couldnt complete my round =/ oh...
Hey you should make this a poll or a sticky or something so we can see how the majority of us putts.
hahahlooks like Thrasher's predictions were right about Tiger.
looks like he's no hype since he's won the 84 Lumber classic Funny how chris mentioned john daly
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