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I like Mike Bender's approach, which I think is derived from Homer's golfing machine not sure though.   Imagine a straight line from top-of-swing hand position to the ball (or a little in front of it).  On your downswing, make your hands follow this path, fast, into follow through.  Of course they don't actually travel in a straight line, but it promotes holding lag, and bringing hands (or club handle) in front of the ball for impact, which of course eliminates...
I've had the 69's for awhile and love them.  I really don't find them as un-forgiving as some claim.  They hit awesome in my opinion, and upped my game.   Also have the KBS shafts.  
I fixed this same problem not too long ago. You need to get your hands or the club handle in front of the ball at impact. Essentially that changes the fulcrum or pivot point of the club to over the ideal wanted low point. I was able to feel this or over come this by having my hands follow a straight line to the ball from the top of the backswing. Imagine a straight line from your hands at the top, to the ball or an aimpoint a little on the target side of the ball. ...
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