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I know exactly what you mean.  I wear a 14W and the most comfy pair of shoes I found are a pair of adidas spikeless.  I cannot find the exact link but they are something like this http://www.tgw.com/customer/category/product.jsp/SUBCATEGORY_ID/51057/refScid/1094/sattr0/Width/sattrVal0/wide/sattr1/Cleat+Technology/sattrVal1/spikeless/sattr2/Type/sattrVal2/golf/sattr3/Color/sattrVal3/White~%7C~Satellite
I had my clubs extended +1" at golf galaxy a few months back and it cost me a total of 94$ I believe. Thats for 4-PW and this includes all new golf pride wrap grips.  My clube were already 2* flat.  Hope this helps with the cost questions.
I recently just picked up the same club, got a used one in like new condition for a good price.  I would imagine that being able to adjust the loft and club face should help us, lets just say "compensate" for some of the flaws in our swing.  I'm not saying saying that it is a miracle cure or anything  but I know I stuggle with closing my clubface and the little hlep the club gives has made some difference.  Granted i'm still working on several issues with my swing but...
Considering I started playing last year, My first set was and still my current set, Ping I-10 irons, G-10 hybrid and 3-wood (draw), G-15 driver (draw), Cleveland cg-12 56* wedge and Odessey white hot #1 putter.  Got the whole set off of craiglist in almost brand new condition for 475$.
If you look like your slumping with an 8i and it is the same as a PW with 1" extension then you are slumping even more on a standard lenth PW if your theory is correct, which would explain the reason for getting the extension? (to correct the slumping)  Also, correct me if I am wrong, properly fitted clubs  would account for length, lie and loft, which should in theory should have you hitting a +1" 8i the same distance as a standard 8i. Only difference being that with the...
I have not been playing golf that long but I would say go with the Razr HL's if you cannot find a used set.  I have hit the G-15's and they are very nice but the HL's felt more forgiving to me and seemed to give me a better ball flight. Although I am currently playing a G-15 driver and like it alot.
I am somewhat suffering from the exact same thing!  I was going to the range a couple times a week and felt like I was making some serious progess, I was making very good consistant contact and hitting balls straighter than ever.  Went to the course and almost every iron was fat.....  Since than I'v change my pre shot routine a little bit and have been working on my swing angle down towards the ball and it has helped. Played my first 18 since making some adjustments and...
I picked up the game a few months ago and was basically in the same boat as you are.  I didnt want to spend a fortune on clubs but also wanted to buy a set that I would be able to play for awhile.  I looked on ebay and every website I could find and ebay really didnt have alot of "great" deals.  I mean sure you could save maybe a few dollars vs a store but most websites are fairly close in price. (this is just what I found, i'm sure people have got great deals)  I found...
I picked up a used Ping G-15 driver and I like it alot.  Considered getting a new driver just becasue I got the itch for "new" but never did, decided I like my G-15 too much.  I know it was 199$ new at golf galaxy last week when I was there but I'm sure you could find it slightly cheaper if you shop around,  but i think its def worth checking out.
I'm also 6'4" and I recently bought a couple pairs of Izod golf shorts and they are def longer then my Greg Normans. I'm not sure of the exact inseam length but they seem a little bit longer than your typical golf short. I would suggest trying them, they are very light and comfortable.
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