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I've always worn FootJoy DryJoys because I like that they are waterproof.  However I'm not always crazy about the style.  I'm looking to get a new pair of shoes and I'm wondering why it seems no other brands produce a waterproof shoe.  It seems to me that it would be a good selling point especially when trying to get Dryjoy wearers to switch brands.  Does anyone know of waterproof golf shoes made by anyone other than FootJoy?
Unfortunately I was only able to play 9 holes this weekend but I was able to card my best 9 hole score ever!   Shot 39 on a par 35 including 2 - 3 putts. 2 birdies 2 pars 4 bogies 1 double bogey.     Wish I could have played the back but it was getting too late.  
Yeah, here in NY the weather is killing me also.  I'm going to Hilton Head in the end of April and was hoping to get a few rounds under my belt before then but things looking the way they are I'm not sure that is going to happen.  I'm hoping we can at least get some weekdays with a relatively mild temp so I can get to the range.  Serious golf withdrawal right now and the 8' putting practice in my apartment are not doing it for me.  
Age: 29   Height: 5'-11"   Where are you from: Westchester, NY, Currently reside in New York, NY   How Long have you been playing: 15 years total, 3 years seriously   Best Score: 87   Favorite Club: 7 Iron   Golf Books/DVDs that have helped you: Zen Golf by Joseph Parent   Where do you play: Publics around NYC and Long Island Primarily Pelham/Split Rock, Bethpage, Islands End Golf Club.   Best Courses Played: Bethpage Red, Long Island...
Just joined the forum so first time poster here.     In 2012 I lowered my handicap from a 26 to a 19 and broke 90 three times (87 each time).  My goals for 2013 are:   1. Get handicap below 15 2. Break 90 more frequently 3. Make an eagle 4. Make multiple birdies in a single round (never had more than 1 in a round)   5. Play Bethpage Black (I live in NYC and have played all bethpage courses except black)
New Posts  All Forums: