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It has been a while since I posted this. Since then, I have fell in love with the ISI nickel clubs. So soft yet controlled. I am definitely fit for black dot with the older clubs. The new lie's of today I have to bend down 2° I'm sure I would be a red dot in newer clubs, but black dot in isi. The complete set sounds so nice. I'm sure pretty expensive though, knowing how rare a complete set is. So cool though. I'd love to see pictures. Got to love the copper.
Driver 240-275+ yards depending (very inconsistant driving). 19 degree hybrid 190-200, 4 iron 180 ish, 7 iron 150-160 ish, 9 iron 120-130, pw 110-115, gw 100 and under. "When making good contact on my strikes"  Great topic by the way.
Hi, I am looking to buy a set of Ping ISI BeCu red dot stiff flex standard length RH iron set. Preferably decent playable condition. Must be at least 4-PW+SW. Really like the look of the clubs, and love all the talk about them. I have recently became enamored with classic clubs. Specially BeCu. Just ordered a Ping Pal 4 BeCu putter from ebay. Would like to add complete BeCu set. Thanks in advance. Thoughts on the BeCu ISI irons appreciated. 
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