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 Buy some decent waterproofs and man up!
 I tried the Ping S59's and just couldn't get on with them. They just felt very clunky to me. I really wanted to like them too because I thought they looked smart.If I change my AP2's, I would consider Mizuno next because I loved my old set of TP 9's and their forged irons usually come out in the top three of any test.
I've never like the feel of cast clubs but it's personal preference I think. I've been using the Titleist AP 2's for about 4 years now and I love em!
I know! What a very very wealthy fool!
You'd better let this major winner know
I suppose stats are a bit like the score on a scorecard, they don't tell the entire story. I might try that site though- cheers!
Yeah I suppose that would work too. One of my old pros didn't let his beginners hit full shots until they had learned how to putt, chip and pitch first. Something to do with the progression of the swing. Far too sensible for my little brain to comprehend as I was a grip it and rip it merchant for years!
Haha, I'm not sure we can take it anymore aaaaaaaarrrrrrrrggggggghhhhhh!
Maybe get a solid short game first because it's easier to work on, then put the majority of practice into long game. How's that for a compromise?
It may be a fact for your game but it might not be for someone else. For the record I think it's more important too but it's not a fact. Lee Westwood is one of the best ball strikers in the game but his short game is shocking so his reality will be different.
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