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A great idea for keeping the swing going in the winter but as divot dave said, you are hitting from perfect lies everytime just like at the driving range so i wouldn't take too much from it. Good for making swing changes though if you are getting good numbers from a Trackman or similar.
A lot of the stats we get are fairly useless in isolation. The PGA Tour stats are immense, I would love to get those on my game. How many strokes gained tee to green, putts from 3ft, 6ft, 10ft etc. now those are useful. If you tell me I had 25 putts, that might just mean I had a good day chipping but those other stats are real eye openers. Bubba Watson has made 214 of his last 217 putts inside 5ft, now that's something I would like to know but unfortunately we don't have...
When I hit a lot of greens, I always go home thinking my putting is crap! :)
At that level, if he lays up to his best yardage, he's probably got just as much chance of getting up and down as going for it and ending up buried in the greenside rough (like Jason Day ). He did what he thought was best and that way he gets into the playoff at worst, if he didn't get into the playoff then yes you can question his decision making.
The majority of the time, I don't keep score consciously if it's not a comp. I know roughly where i am but I think we get too hung up on scores all the time and it takes enjoyment away. We play a lot of matchplay in the winter which gives a nice break before we're back into medal season.
I've tried all the decent balls over the years but have always gone back to ProV1. I spent a whole year with Srixon Soft Feel because I got a load cheap and had a lot of raised eyebrows from my friends because of it. It didnt affect my scores at all once I learned to play certain shots differently. I've gone back to ProV1 now because it just offers that little bit more short game control and they are much more durable than they used to be. I played one recently for eight...
I try not to give swing advice but in the spirit of how this was posted by a qualified pro, I'd say he needs to relax his posture and ensure the clubhead doesn't get behind his hands on the takeaway. Needs to maintain flex in right knee too. Just stick the cheque in the post.
 Buy some decent waterproofs and man up!
 I tried the Ping S59's and just couldn't get on with them. They just felt very clunky to me. I really wanted to like them too because I thought they looked smart.If I change my AP2's, I would consider Mizuno next because I loved my old set of TP 9's and their forged irons usually come out in the top three of any test.
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