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Thank you for the great advice I really appreciate it
I tried this on my two ball and i like it alot ! I play a 35", I want to still add a superstroke. What do you think would help with the counter Balance . 36 or 37 Inches in length .It's just so smooth! I have about 18 quarters , I'm thinking 90 grams. But obviously I would have to repeat this on my seemore but the head weights are the same .
Great advice TRuelly a golf club guru
I usually tend to go a bit overboard with new gadgets. I have been fitted for evey club in my bag but my putter. THats why I came here because I wanted a seemore. Balance certified has another weight called the amp for a putter where the weights slide up and down the shaft depending on what your looking for. Do you know anything about this device?
IM going to Have to look back at this post but I am really excited to get my putter set up. Your right it is very trying. DO you play balance certified weights on any of your other clubs?
Do YOu play these in any of your other clubs besides your putter? I will be doing that test as soon as I play with it a bit im going to order it in a 70 I can always have it tweeked if needed. Man that balance certified awesome i cant wait to mess with one. I thank you for all the help I will repost results so others can see how i like the see more and maybe counterbalance if i decide to go with that. I think all my questions are answer thank you.
I will go with the balance certified brand. I wish we had a fitter here for them I am looking to order a regular 70* lie angle but i play all my irons 3 up. what do you think. I figured id pick somones brain while I can thank you for your help
I have been looking at this all day I really wanna try it ! seems to get good results. like you said I will try it first I found a product called Tour lock im not sure if its any good. Im going to check out certified balance also. Great Advice ! IM pumped to get my putter all decked out.
When you get a chance what Size would be you reccomend for the seemore putter ? at 340. You just slide these under the grip befor you put it on ?
thanks for all the help !
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