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Watched it several times. I love this special. Would love to find it on DVD. 
I married and made mine... My usual partner is the wifey. Other wise my sons or daughter. I know guys with regular games. I'm definately jealous. Just waiting for the invite. I've always wanted a group of golfing buddies and a regular cash game.
5-6k yards around here at most of the locoal courses around here and you are playing the blues or whites (mens). What kind of stroke/slope ratings are the courses youre playing? The three courses I usually rotate around here are 69/115 ish.
Tee-ing forward is an interesting subject to me.   Around here I never hear tees being refered to by color or distance. Most courses have three or four sets, which most people refer to as "ladies, seniors, men's, and tournament tees" this bugs the hell out of me. I do my best to correct people who call them "ladies tees" to me it sounds sexist, and ignorant.    I have wanted to try the red tees for several reasons but have held off out of fear that buddy's and...
I'm in the same boat. I'm a high handicapper. Struggling with my mental game, but I have found out I play my best golf when most get nervous. First tee is ALWAYS my best drive. And anytime I play through a group my shots surprise me. I don't know if its the distraction, or if for that moment I stop thinking of the million things that cause me to shank a shot and have one single swing thought...   "Don't f up!"
V1 absolutely awesome. Record, anylize, compare.... Load pros swings or even drills and tips.
My father inlaw does. A while ago his clubs got stolen, and that was the first club he replaced. He loves his killer bee driver. He's twenty-five years older then me and keeps up with my distance, and is 10x straiter than me. Maybe he's on to something.
Any sign shop could do it. Make sure they use premium automotive grade vinyl (meant to withstand car washes, weather and constant sun) it will last as long as you want it on there. Hundreds of color options, unlimited font or design options... I have done signs for 17 years now. I was considering personalizing some of my own equipment. I have customized my waterfowl gun, my archery equipment... It all holds up well.
I believe you... Just surprised. The school my kids go to, the school my 12 year old plans to golf for, is a division 2 school who wins regionals and qualifies for states. Last year they had one golfer who placed. They are good. They compete against other schools of equal tallent. A scratch golfer is a rarity. Obviously the tallent pool is much smaller when your state has months of non Golfable weather.
I am sure it is. It is really amazing to me the difference between here in southern Michigan, and states with warmer climates allowing year round golf as well.
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