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Sweet, I'm almost there!
It actually fits the definition fine. That's what I get when I google for a definition of golf. Just because it's not by the rules you chose to follow doesn't make it another sport, it just makes it golf by a slightly different set of rules. What you are saying would mean, for example, that untill 1952 (USGA started to jointly issue rules with the R&A) people in the US didn't play golf, but a "game that sort of looks like golf".       As for a breakfast ball, I don't...
I walk around with 6 clubs with me and since I can barley use the ones I have I feel no need to add any more. I carry 5, 7, 9 irons, s and p wedges and a putter.
  Not entirely true. While a cart costs the same to buy and you only need half as many, you will also get less money from renting it out. Assuming a Segway costs at least close (closer than half) of a cart to rent, you will be making more money with them as long as people rent one cart for two people rather than one each person. It might also speeds up play for the average, or at least many, cart users since they rarely use them in the most effective way. The biggest...
Jimbo Slice and Darksun22 are super obvious choices since i just re-read the http://thesandtrap.com/t/60345/why-is-it-unbelievable-i-can-drive-300 thread a couple of days ago. I don't really have a "must have" third choice, but I think it would be fun to have Golfingdad there as well.
  One of us must have missed his point entirely. What I read is that anyone is not capable of anything even if they put their mind to it, talent is needed to reach the top no matter how hard you practice. That is what I agree on, not what you said.
  Try doing the third one once, it might take the edge of the slowness at least. I'm all for fixing the bad habits slow players have, but until that happens (never) there's not much to be done other than to slow down your own pace if you are caught behind some of the slower players. If slow play is ruining your play, and not just your mood, then you really should think about how to slow down instead of getting all flustered over the pace of play.
The fastest cure for slow play would be if people would just stop deciding that anything over 4 hours is slow. A few tips on how to not get bothered by rounds over 4 hours: 1. If you, before the round, decide that you have 5 hours to spare (which you should if you are going for 18-holes) then the rounds won't seem as slow. 2. Stop checking your watch while you play, it won't make it go any faster it will only make it seem slower. 3. For all of you who plays...
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