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 Glad you liked it. 12th is always a mess after rain, it kind of a canyon and all the close by waters flow through it. I wish they could do something to it. I try to walk there several time a week. Maybe we play together some day.
Last 20 all in my home club, usually I have 3-4 different courses.
Welcome from sunny NC.
 Been there, done that. I feel you pain brother.
Hell No. I had enough of that sh*t when I was in army. Today will be driving range and motorcycling, tomorrow golfing. This is way better.
+1. NO golfing this week and the greens are closed next week too, God Dammit!
1. Play more golf 2. Get better 3. Have more fun
Welcome to the neighborhood, you will enjoy all year round golfing. By the way Charlotte does not have downtown, Charlotte has uptown.   We have tons of clubs to choose from, but you should check Fort Mill Golf Club. It is nice walking course with front 9 holes being park and the back 9 totally something else.
I have always used my Progressives while playing, since I started golfing about a year ago.  And I don't have any issues with them.... or maybe they are the reason why I suck. Thanks for the new excuse.
 Mister, you are wrong. Elvis has never been dead, he went home!
New Posts  All Forums: