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Last Sunday: front 40, back 53.  
I use progressives all the time, also while playing without any problems. Using different glasses while playing might put my neck in to better position, but changing back and forth between the glasses to write down the score is just too much pain in the butt. 
I can see some serious safety issue with the cart, the owner of the range could get in trouble with it. Is it possible that the cart operator was the owner, so he didn't have anyone else to complain. Anyhow that was totally bad behavior in his part. 
 We have a tons of great courses over here and most of them are over $50 in weekend, unless you want to use twilight rates like me any my buddy.  I usually play in the south Charlotte area and here are a couple of local courses: Ballantyne public (the link above) is great with really fast greens. Carolina Lakes is beautiful and interesting with rolling FWs and greens. Fort Mill GC (Donald Ross design) totally different to the Lakes with elevated smallish greens (and my...
Two bunker hole outs but no eagles.
 +1, same format over here.
 I agree with you and why don't they use ear plugs if the "noise" and distractions are so big deal.
Fly over to Charlotte NC, stay here for a few day. Get over to Myrtle Beach and Hilton Heads for the rest of your trip. 
 Our local University ladies team practice in my club and I see them playing quit often. They are nice looking, young, "small" girls and they play from the tips (6801). I play from the whites (6360) and the girls are most of the time further then me from the tee. I am not a long hitter, but I am not short either. They are good.
A lot of times the glue used is oil soluble. Put a bit olive oil (or whatever you have in kitchen) in paper tower and off it goes.
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