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 Our local University ladies team practice in my club and I see them playing quit often. They are nice looking, young, "small" girls and they play from the tips (6801). I play from the whites (6360) and the girls are most of the time further then me from the tee. I am not a long hitter, but I am not short either. They are good.
A lot of times the glue used is oil soluble. Put a bit olive oil (or whatever you have in kitchen) in paper tower and off it goes.
 2:45 walking 18 holes without anyone in the front of me, and no sense of urgency or rush. 2:30 might be pushing it, I have to try when the course gets empty because of "winter" and slight rain.
 I take lessons in that school and I had irons fitting with Stan about two years ago. By that time I was real beginner and I got an extra lesson from Stan while we were fitting. I am seriously thinking of doing it again for the driver.
Go to Stan, he is worth the money. 
Are you guys playing for money? I personally don't give a crap of what others are doing in golf course unless it is tournament or money game.
Players may take cover  
No, no, no. They will ban farting because of the greenhouse gasses.
+1. We also have had air quality alert due to ground level ozone here in Charlotte during past days. Playing golf will kill you in the end :) I would vote against banning smoking outdoors.
 Glad you liked it. 12th is always a mess after rain, it kind of a canyon and all the close by waters flow through it. I wish they could do something to it. I try to walk there several time a week. Maybe we play together some day.
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