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Biggest advantage of the push cart, for me, is that you can attach an umbrella and walk in the shade on a hot summer day. I realize that relatively few of us do that, but it's well worth it.
Anyone know what happened to Ryu to get DQ'd after the first round?
I'm a natural lefty and have been playing golf lefty for 50 years. There are many more lefty golfers now than when I started, and there is a lot of lefty equipment out there now compared to back then as well. Plenty of clubs on-line, that's where I get mine. 
 Here's what I wrote last December:   At my home course, where i have been playing 20-30 rounds each year for ten years:   1. Birdie #12 and #17, neither of which I have ever birdied.   2. Keep my handicap index under 10 for the whole year.   3. Play nine holes in even par.   4. Hit my irons more consistently, taking a few lessons if necessary. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Results for...
My understanding is that, in theory, the difficulty of a course for a scratch player is reflected mostly in the rating, not the slope, the rating being the average score of the best 50% of rounds that a scratch player would achieve.   The slope measures how much the course exaggerates (or shrinks) the difference in scores between players of different handicaps, with 113 being the baseline value, that is, the value to which the "handicap index" itself refers. For...
I enjoy our $2/2/2 best ball nassau with a foursome and $5 pairwise Chicago when we have three, but then the most you can win or lose is about $10 and usually $5 or less exchanges hands at the end. It's just for bragging rights and I certainly want the stake small enough that I can root for all my friends to make great shots whether they are my opponents or my partner. It just adds a little spice and in my worst year I was down around $50 for the entire year. And in the...
It's nice to play fast, that's for sure, but it is unsettling to see a mostly empty parking lot on a sunny day in the low 70's and that's what I have seen at three different courses over the last two weeks (Boston area). Quite noticeable compared to previous years. Is there something more widespread going on? 
I have Clicgear 2.0 and the one accessory I love is the adjustable umbrella holder. The cart comes with a basic umbrella holder but the adjustable one sits an inch or two higher and the angle is, well, adjustable. I'm a big fan using an oversized golf umbrella on sunny days. The only other add-on I got was an hanging insulated drink holder which I use for a water bottle but if I didn't have it there is a place for the bottle on the handle so it would get warm faster.
Yes, IK looked very sullen throughout the playoff, deja vu indeed. I hope she wins soon and gets back to (looking like she's) having fun out there, which is why I like her in the first place.
Concerning push vs. pull carts, for me the only advantage of a two wheel pull cart is that you can fold it up with the bag still on it, so that makes for a faster set-up and take-down. The push cart is easier for walking the course IMO except on very steep up-hills, and although no one seems to mention it, being able to walk under an open umbrella on hot sunny days is enough reason for me to prefer the push cart. It is also more convenient for balls, range-finder, water...
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