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All of my photographs these days are of the courses I play here in Texas.  They are all beautiful places in their own way and I'm all of sudden partial to black and white.   The examples below, however, are of the Banff Springs course in Banff, Alberta, Canada.  It was a great vacation.  The golf ball does travel farther at that altitude.            
Yes, a hole in one!  On No. 13 at the Hogan Park Quail Course in Midland, Texas, at 4:07pm on Thursday, November 22nd, and I have a witness - my wonderful wife.  We drove to Midland to spend Thanksgiving with mother, had a huge meal earlier and decided to get out and take advantage of the great weather.  There aren't many obstacles out here in West Texas and with the grass dry as bone, the ball will role a long way.  Anyway, it was a 145 yard par 3 with a slight left to...
Another nice public course is Tenison Park.  It's in a an older part of Dallas not too far from Fair Park and has two courses, the Highlands and the Glen.  It's surprising how much open space there is for this location.  The fairways are generous and they don't have too many hazards.  There are a few signs around the club house and driving range about not leaving possessions unattended.    
I'd just like to say a little about Stevens Park in Oak Cliff.  The City of Dallas put a lot of money into it not long ago and it's beautiful.  There a lot of interesting old golfers out there, too that a lot of fun.  Below is shot of the course's signature hole.    
It was another frustrating day yesterday.  Shot an even 100.  I keep working on my game but it's going to take awhile.   I've about run out of excuses but I did come up with a new one yesterday.  Played a course that is directly under the flight path of one of DFW airport's major runways.  You just can't concentrate when dodging landing gear.    
New Posts  All Forums: