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maybe its just the nickents? Try some more 'generic' GI clubs(read: Ping Eye 2, etc)
^ yeah, but that wasn't a shot that i've really ever seen him hit. It was just tiger, being imperfect, missing the center of the clubface. He hasn't got a 'snap hook' problem.
Haha, thanks. Made him my avatar because my swing is probably about as coordinated and graceful as I imagine his to be.
dings on my clubs don't really bother me, and I like the sound of my clubs hitting against each other when I'm walking. But then again, I don't play forged clubs, which I imagine would look pretty bad after a couple weeks of buying them. Headcovers on woods are enough of an annoyance(I am on the verge of leaving them in the car.) What annoys me is, invariably, the only shots that leave marks on my clubs are the ones way out on the toe
will the 'upgrade' to 2.0 for 1.0 users be less than buying it new if you didn't already have scorecard 1.0? I saw that whole couple posts about getting a deal got shut down, just wasn't sure, now that thats over, what the scenario is.
I wouldn't go that far. But I do agree that the 'blades are impossible to hit' thing is mostly mental.
I'm pretty sure it's not. Its less than 460CC IIRC.
I put a black dot to the right of the number and under the logo, on both sides. I used to do three red dots on top of the logo, but ever since the Studio Select Line came out, it screams out "scotty cameron ho'" too much for me. I like to mark them all when I mark the box, before I put them into play. I also don't care what number it is, and have never come across a box that wasn't 1, 2, 3, and 4 in that order(I play NXT Tours).
For me, Golf shoes are different than other shoes. Golf Shoes are chosen purely for Comfort for me. I have a pair of regular FJ brown-and-white saddles that are very comfortable. It(Shelling out $100+) is worth it for Golf Shoes that are comfortable
sorry to resurrect an old thread, but I'd appreciate some clarification from those with more knowledge than me on this topic, and figured it's a better idea than opening a new thread. If you own a Vokey Spin-Milled Oil Can (heck, any oil can finish wedge), do you find that if you keep it dry that It will stay in good condition? What is your average life span? My CG10s are on thier last legs and I've decided on Spin-Milled based on past experience, but am not sure which...
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