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i'm not liking the look. But then again, I never liked the 'sporty' kind of golf shoe.
is it possible to use this without a subscription/annual $35 fee?
I was given this as a birthday gift, doesn't work on my mac so I have to wait awhile until I have access to a windows machine. Anybody have one? How do you like it? EDIT: Also if you have it, do you know if its legality status as far as tournament play, etc. It doesn't measure slope(at least I haven't figured out how to do that if it does.)
well, to be fair, they all do this. Jim Furyk went on and on about his srixon ball in a golf magazine issue a while back. prob half a dozen other examples i'm to lazy to think of right now too.
^ +1. I read your article 'almost everything I know about putting' and I whole-heartedly agree - imagining a 3 food wide hole and putting it to that is stupid. I go for it every time. Sure, maybe I blow a few long distance putts a bit past the hole sometimes, but for every time that happens I hole one out.
its all coming back hah..Actually, I'm remembering that now - I haven't posted on these forums in a while after becoming a golf recluse during the off season(I hate what living in the northeast does to my golf game). Actually it's probably for the better because I've forgotten all the silly swing thoughts that served only to make me nervous and forget key fundamentals.but back on topic, I just dug out that issue from my bookcase, and there are a couple other zany ideas...
anyone remember Golf Magazine having an article a while back with a guy with red hair(ex pro golfer, name doesn't come to mind) advocating 'hitting down' on your driver, and bottoming out 4 inches past impact?
nantucket reds, of course
you dun bin ripped
I now prefer playing without one, but when I did I liked those Footjoy Sci-Flex. I think thats the one with the big spandex 'FootJoy' across the knuckles.
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