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uh plaid pants aren't for old men with 'ZERO' fashion sense. First off style is subjective, and nobody made you the authority on what is 'rediculous'(sic) or what is not. Second off if you were really 'new school' you would now that plaid pants are in fashion right now and you can find them on the racks of high end department stores country wide. And even if they weren't in fashion right now, they are timeless and classic. You just have a distorted view of what they...
not a fan of strange looking mallets. Always comes of as gimmicky to me. That applies to this imho.
this season club monaco has filled like half thier store with wool plaid pants. Simple windopanes and checks mostly. JCrew has glen plaid grey chinos. Band of Outsiders always has them, as does Polo Ralph Lauren, Original Penguin, Hickey, Rag & Bone, J PRess, etc. Now is prob the best time to buy because it's not only trad/preppy clothes churning them out, americana is in fashion so fashion brands will be carrying them all over. Ridiculous as it might sound, an old...
haha hoping to get one of these if I make my high school's varsity team this year (here's to breaking 40 at the tryouts )
I stopped reading after I saw that. Why should I believe anything else in the study if they think prov1's spin less than the v1x's?
I wouldn't trust anything coming from one of those movies. Even if he does have an arguable, grounded-in-fact point(not here, imho), he warps the facts, misrepresents the truth, and re-writes history to get his point across.My own opinion is one that has been voiced many times in this thread - if you make guns illegal, then only criminals will have them. It might reduce the number of guns, but not make them any less dangerous. Look at the 'war on drugs' - you can be...
lets all stop talking about nike and miura and tigers blades now use the search button please k thanks bye.
stock up on golf balls, etc. I wouldn't be buying clubs at a big box type golf store
did you try the fastback
the freer the market, the freer the people. We are already a halfways socialist country. Progressive income tax, social security, wall street bailout, etc etc. The reason capitalism isn't working in this country is because we don't have true capitalism. While capitalism isn't perfect, I believe true capitalism is the least flawed political system. And what we have now is not true capitalism. Mccain wants to keep this one foot in each camps system, and Obama wants to...
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