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the downfall of our(US) democracy is the two party system. When I vote in the next election(first one eligible to me) It will not be for a democrat or republican. (In the interest of full disclosure I am a libertarian, but will not be voting for Bob Barr, because he is not a libertarian, and I cannot vote anyway)
welcome into the fold
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get lighter shaftsseriously thought, I can't help you. sorry.
I play by all the rules when I'm keeping score. If I'm not keeping score, its because I want to practice ie - trying out a new club, course is empty and I want to try something a couple times, etc. But I, agree, I'm not really playing golf, I'm just practicing, I just happen to be on the course, and its almost always by myself. Also- in my hs golf team's league, it is a rule that you don't have to do stroke-and-distance, you just drop it where you think it went. There...
uhh, so you can't discuss something without being 'too concerned' Let me guess, you are one of those men who think any man who makes an attempt to dress well is gay.
For golf,polos, I like RLX, J Lindeberg, etc. Because, they fit- Sleeves should be above elbows, shouldn't be so baggy. also, thats how shorts should fit. just above the knee
I like ribbon belts. Can be found at J Press, J Crew, Brooks Brothers, Polo Ralph Lauren etc.. add some color. ps- the second one is nicer than the first.
I've never seen a Titleist club with a draw bias... try callaway FT?
Frankly, I would not think an 8 would be satisfied with the cci cast. However, It is not my intention to tell you what to buy. My advice would be to test a lot of clubs out with a professional on a monitor and buy what you like and what performs best.
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