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one rule, really: make sure it's always dry.
33" It is my belief most are using one to long.
man. love is a battlefield ,eh?
I don't think they put pro plat on the terrylium. they just change extra because they have to take it out.
no. As far as I know, they only made one for adam scott.
In my experience; Taylormade Burner. But that probably has much to do with the driver length.
in my experience they don't scuff at all; they are surlyn, I'm pretty sure.
This is why I think a ban should be enacted. Put my thoughts into words like I couldn't myself.
post count soars 50 posts every time I see it(was meant for dent.)
you don't know that. Neither do those who say he would be good. there is no way of telling unless you've seen him play. You can't compare just by looking at each sport. The golf swing is much more complicated than the baseball swing; but in baseball, the ball is moving at you. no comparison.
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