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i think this thread should win best title of all time.
Pinnacle Gold Distance
can you link me? i have never heard of that nike ball before
Nike Dri-Fit Tour. It's the sencond glove i've used; last time was footjoy. I think next time i'll try leather, i've only used cabretta.
my goal is to become a consistent player and make my high schools JV golf team next year
big bertha are beginner's rocks. I would say to choose from at that ~$25 price point are NXT, Callaway HX Hot, or Nike Ignite. I would problably go with the HX Hot.
I haven't gotten the chance to use a scotty cameron yet, but let me tell you, to convince to me that it is worth $300 it better make my putts and shine my shoes.
Carbite ZH. Really nice putter, retails at $150 but got it for $30 on eBay ;)
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