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Find out the face angle. that will tell you I think AW stands for Approach Wedge. Same though, though.
You can order a Titleist Z-Blend 2 Iron alone. It is a cavity back.
erm, no, my statement is very valid. The bertha's sole, especially in the i-brids, is so wide that It corrects any ass-backwards angle at which you attack the ball. All I am saying is that you will improve at a much faster rate without Super-Game-Improvement Clubs.
The only difference I am aware of is that there is an open face on the tour version, as opposed to the closed one on the regular FT-5
What's the dampening elastomer effect like with the AP2? Similar to the 'gelback' in the CG reds?
Doesn't understand the satrical value of a '643' handicap
don't you hate this?
how so? What things are outdated?
Yes, this is what my club pro says, at least.
yes, but at 50, he won't be dominating. I think thats what he meant.
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