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See I think that is a great idea, gets more kids involved in playing and grows the game.
It's just an elementary school near my house, I go up there and hit birdie balls when no one is up there at nights and weekends.I also have a pool in my backyard that I use as a target for the birdie balls, I just hit them and see how many I can get I to the pool.
I'd rather play golf with my kids then my golf buddies, I have much more fun with them. The problem is, they can be slow so I feel bad taking them to a regular course and letting them play because I dint want to hold anyone up.
The only par 3 course I've been to here was not in good shape at all, basically it was 9 greens in the middle of a flat field not a good course at all.
Question when trying to work on key #1, I can keep a steady head just fine without a club, but I find it hard to do with a club in my hand, any tips? I've been practicing this at night in front of a mirror, I put a piece of tape on the mirror and turn using the tape on the mirror to check my head movement.
If the golf industry is serious about attracting new players, and the future of golf one good way to invest in the future of the game is to build more kids courses. Courses where kids can go play without worrying about holding up grumpy old men, I'm lucky enough to live in an area where we have 2 first tee courses one that was just built that is a 9 hole course and the other a 3 hole course. The 3 hole course I won't take my kids to again because they built it right behind...
I would probably not play golf if they had larger cups, to me golf is a challenge and that is what makes it fun. If the cup was 15" it would make the game less of a challenge.  To me what prohibits new people from playing golf is the expense and the stuffy old fart I'm better than you because I play golf perception that golf has. Also of the # of people that have stopped playing golf how many of those people are still alive? Golf is really the only sport that has an older...
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Alright I finally got out to get some new swing videos, I have been working on weight forward, changed my stance a little bit. Here are the vids, all the shots were slight draws or went pretty straight. I played 9 yesterday and sliced a few but nothing like before. Most of my drives either went straight or were to the left, I even hooked one into the other fairway something I've never fine before.
New Posts  All Forums: