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Looks to me like he is all arms, he's not using his lower body at all.
That sucks, I hit it pretty good in the store at least I thought, can't really tell in there. Anyone hit the cover amp cell woods? Or nike coverts? I have the amp cell irons and live them.
Yep the same thing for me, sometimes it will go straight but most the time it hooks really bad. Maybe I need to get fitted for it and re shaft it.
I wonder if getting a weighted grip(the secret grip) would help with the hook, I have one in my driver now and I like it a lot.
I have a rocketballz 3 wood and i have a tendency to hook it, this is the only club in my back that I hook. I read somewhere that the stock rocketbladez 3 wood is really easy to hook, does anyone know why, is this the shaft? I think i have the stiff shaft.
Thanks long but exactly the explanation I was looking for. Basically if you drop the club head inside at impact the torque will help to square the club face. I'm going to give this a shot because I have trouble squaring the club face especially with my driver.
Maybe I miss understood what he was saying, or didn't explain it in the correct terms. The guy he was helping with his swing was swinging with the club outside of his hand plane, and I think he was just trying to get him to swing on the same plane as his hands. Here is the link to the vid it's about 13:30 where he starts talking about it.
I have a question, I watch Mark Crossfield's YouTube videos from time to time, and I have seen him recommend keeping the club head under the hand plane in the downswing. I know it would be bad to go outside the hand plane because that is an over the top swing, but what does going under the hand plane get you?
If you paid with a credit card dispute it, if you payed with PayPal report them.
I got the silver off of eBay a few weeks ago after hitting them at the store I love them but the extra distance I'm getting out if them will take a little bit to get used to.
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