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  http://www.gamegolf.com/player/RobButenko/round/106352?hole_id=7816810   Played a new course today hit a 95 best round I've had all year. Played the back 9 first then the front this course was like jekyl and hide. Back 9 was pretty hard especially not playing it before and playing as a single, front 9 was wide open and flat.  Missed some opportunities for birdies, especially on the 9th hole, hit it to about 5 feet from the hole from 100yds out and missed the birdie...
  http://www.gamegolf.com/player/RobButenko/round/105718   Had trouble off the tee today and missed 5 or 6 puts by a few inches from around 12 feet. If I can clean up my short game I could probably be scoring in the high 80's low 90's.
Never mind I found the answer on their site. Yes you can use the wall charger from your apple device for anyone else wondering.
http://www.gamegolf.com/player/RobButenko/round/102877   http://www.gamegolf.com/player/RobButenko/round/102878     For some reason GG split my round into two rounds of 9 instead of 18, maybe because the course i played has 27 holes instead of 18 so it didn't know what to do. Anyway its been about a month since I played and have only been working on getting my weight forward at impact and steady head I am starting to see a difference in my shots, not more slicing...
Wtf I just payed $198 on tuesday for this, oh well. I haven't had a chance to play a round with it yet, I'll play my first round tomorrow. Quick question will it calculate your handicap for you? If not that would be a handy feature and it would be really easy for them to add it I would think.
 Cool thanks for the link. I think once I stop playing for the year which is in about a month or so I will sign up for Evolvr lessons so I can work on my swing all winter.
 No not really, so step 1 of S&T is what? Control the low point of your swing to get consistent contact. So how do you do that well you have a centered pivot and you get your weight forward. What are keys #1, & #2? Steady head, weight forward, so where is the difference? Besides that whether its S&T or 5sk is irrelevant if you are doing either method you would need to know when it's ok to move on to the next priority piece.
So question for you guys, I finally finished reading the book, and I am going to follow the plan they suggest, contact, power, curve, I think that's the right order. I know contact is first so that is what I am working on now basically using keys #1, #2 steady head, weight forward. So for those of you who have made swing changes how long did you work on them until you felt like you were satisfied or that you were doing them well enough to move on to the next change? 
Thanks that makes sense.
This may have already been discussed I haven't read through the whole thread.    If you putt from off the green does the system count that as a put or a chip, or say use your 7 or 8 iron just off the green, how does that effect your average distance?
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