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Yea that's what I do if I don't tilt my head.
I thought I had seen something about this before but I couldn't find it. So is it ok to tilt your head towards your left shoulder for a right handed player at address? I find that if I tilt my head a little bit I don't end up hitting it and pushing it with my shoulder in my backswing.
Sadly the worst shot I have ever witnessed was my own. I was 16 I think and was playing my second round of golf. I hit the ball behind a tree, well me thinking hey I can hi it under the tree lines up and takes a full swing. Well I hit it pretty well but i hit an over hanging branch, ball comes straight back at me and wap! Hits me right in my forehead, needless to say I had a nice shiner the next day! The second worse was last year, we were on the 9th green, the 18th green...
 I love my RBZ 3 off the tee, I did what the OP did and started using this off the tee last year. But I think I hit it better off the tee then my driver because I have more confidence in it. I too have drilled one 270yds with my 3 wood, but about 30 of that was down a hill, but I have a gps measured 255 yrd hit on my game golf account with my 3 wood not downhill. I think I just cannot hit my driver, and I need to practice it and get some confidence in it. My goal this year...
 I agree they are being haters, but I think it is a money issue too, and to be honest I think they are just haters and don't feel like they can compete anymore. I'm biased because my college team has seen great success with the one and done and has a great graduation rate, this article is from 2013 http://www.aseaofblue.com/2013/4/30/4285734/kentucky-basketball-john-calipari-touts-100-graduation-rate-correctly And lets be real, this rule is for basketball not football,...
It boils down to $$, if they were so concerned about student athletes graduating they would continue their scholarships after they leave for the nfl or NBA or wherever.
This would be a mistake, many of these student athletes come from underprivileged families and use the money from the nba or nfl to change their families lives. Eric Bledsoe of the suns is a great example of this, the guy was living in a car in high school and look where he is now after one year of college sports. What is the reason any of us go to college? To get a better job. Many people do it by going to a trade school, other e's do it by going to a 4 year college. In...
Forget the show, if he did win how would he be able to compete on a PGA course and with tour players with that kind of distances?
Lol, he is 12. He had a birth certificate!
So far I'm really liking this season seems like the level of competition this season is much improved.
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