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Yes I did, GG acknowledged it was a bug and they were going to fix it. Just curious if anyone else had noticed anything else with the reports. Even my totals are off, on one screen one of my clubs distance says 212 the other screen it says 204, same timespan, same number of rounds.
Has anyone else noticed that the reports seem to be off. For example I had around where I hit almost every fairway, I think I missed one. It showed correctly in the round review but when I went to the off the tee report, it shows something like 50% and also the distances were off.  I emailed GG so hopefully it will be fixed soon, just wondering if you guys have noticed the same?
I want to boost my game with Adipower Boost   Jordan Speith -14 Adam Scott -14 Zac Johnson -14
Slow motion swings working on keeping the right elbow bent longer in the downswing and extending it through impact, as well as flattening in the transition.
I second mission belts they are awesome, I have the black and have no issues.I like puma shorts, very nice.
So I've played with my fly z about 5 rounds now I think. I've gone from averaging about 190 with the sldr up to averaging 212 with the fly z. Fairway percentage is still about the same, but when I miss a fairway with the fly z it is normally about 5 yards off instead of 10 or 15 yards. Very forgiving club, so far really happy with it. I'm hoping with some more swing work to get my average up to 230 by the end of the year and up my fairway % from the 55% it is now to 60 or...
Did the closed face drill while hitting balls into my net, focusing on keeping my right elbow relaxed and not losing the bend in it to early.
:) less typing leaves more time for practicing!
I completed the July challenge!
Closed face drill outside with a club.
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