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I found a fitter in Lexington which is about an hour and a half from me that uses a flight scope outdoors for their fittings so I think when the weather warms up enough I'll set up a fitting with them, I've never been fitted for clubs before other than the big box store simulators which suck.
Yea I actually get plenty of height with the red tie and more distance then I did with the stock shaft. I've heard from the internet reviews that the higher loft gives more distance so I'll have to play with different combos of what I have when it warms up and see what works better.I'd really like to take them to a fitter when it warms up, I just need to find one that I trust, the only one I know of has a 20 year old laser launch monitor and I don't know enough about it to...
Yea I had the px shaft in my biocell in regular flex and hated it, felt really whippy to me. So I got the red tie and like that a lot better. If anything I can take the red tie out of the bio cell and put it in the plus too or the other way around
Just curious what shafts and settings you guys that have these drivers are using. I currently have a bio cell with the red tie shaft, and set at 10.5 degrees, and I just got a great deal on a slightly used + with a diamana shaft that may replace the bio cell once it gets warmer and I can go to the range and see which I hit better. 
I found a cool feature today, where you can compare your stats with averages of handicap ranges that use game golf. Showed me what I should improve to get my score lowers, spoiler the lower the score the higher the GIR =)
No crap, bill how are you getting to play in central nj?
This is a pretty good video that shows what Rory does.  
Thanks. My hope is to get my swing in good enough shape to break into the 80's this summer I probably could now I just need to chip and pitch better, I don't get up and down much
It's been a while since I posted on my thread but I have been hard at work with Brian @ evolvr. Here is some stills of my progress, Brian had me working on getting more rotation with my hips and shoulders through impact. Here is a pic of the before on the left and the after on the right. Now he has me working on getting my legs straighter at impact and beyond, you can see from this picture that my legs are pretty bent and are not extending like they should.
1+ on the caddytek 4 wheel that is what I have and love it, well built folds and in folds easily.
New Posts  All Forums: