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Didn't get home till late again today so I only practiced for about 5 minutes. Did the closed face drill outside with a club for 5 minutes, hit 20 balls into the net, focusing on keeping the right arm from extending to soon.   Edit: it was probably more like 15 minutes =)
I think I completed the challenge.
5 minutes of mirror work today, all I could get in today.
Will do, how far back or forward should I move the ball? Does that depend on the grade of the slope?Thanks!
Recorded a new video for evolvr, hit 30 balls doing the closed face dril, with my focus on keeping the right arm from extending to early.
Bumping this with some progress, I've found that it's really hard to get my weight forward on these shots, so I set up by bumping my hips forward, almost like I'm hitting driver. I had 2 of these shots from about 100 yards out, one went right of the green, the other made it on. I really wish I had a place to practice this type of shot.
Hit around 20 balls today doing the closed face drill, focusing on the right elbow not extending so early. I know I'm making progress because I either hit the ball straight or a slight draw yesterday when I played. Only a few fades other than driver, which even that went straight down the middle for the most part.
Played 18 today worked on my putting before the round. Not that it helped, not a good day putting!
Only had time to hit 20 balls today, did the closed face drill still focusing on the right arm staying bent longer. Starting to feel not so awkward.
 I think he means basically a line drive, low shot that runs a lot.
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