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Only thing about them is the get scratches in the pretty easy, and when you hit them they have a completely different feel at least for me.
Updated video after working on keys #1 & 2, got a new drill from Brian from evolvr, I'll be working on now. Basically focusing on turning my hips and shoulders faster as I get my weight forward.
Yea I had a one mid read but I also had a tag that I missed that so it helped me with that.
I played the wilson staff 50's for the first time today and really liked them, they are only $12 a dozen at Walmart. The gamer is also a nice ball.
Just played my first round in a few weeks and i just noticed something new, if you forget to tag before you hit a shot it shows up when you review your round as shot detected, and you can select the club you used. Is this new or did I just not notice this before?
Still at this point I would love to shoot +6 on 9. I'm more like +17 at 9 at this point.
I wish I played that bad :)
@mvmac I've been practicing the steady head every night using the drill you suggested, and the weight forward also, can you give me a feeling or tip on how to keep my head from dipping down on the downswing as I shift my weight forward? It's weird in my backswing to keep my head from dipping I really feel like I'm pushing it up, and almost standing up more, but when I look at it on video it's staying close to the same height and not dipping when I do this.
I like the bionic glove, depending on which you get the $25 or the $15, but they usually last me about 40 rounds or so. I just tried some calloway xtreme gloves also I got at walmart for 2 for $15 and they aren't too bad, they just feel like they will be done in about 10 rounds though, we will see.
Ok thanks.
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