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No he was definitely saying I should not straighten my right leg at all in the back swing.
 LOL thanks for the tips on the right knee, funny thing is probably two weeks before taking this video someone told me i was moving my head because i was letting my right knee bend, and to keep it from bending, so I worked on keeping it bent not allowing it to straighten. I'll stop doing that and adjusting my chin position shouldn't be to bad, question on that though, won't my shoulder hit it in the back swing causing my head to move more? My left foot is flared about 25...
Should I start with step #1 or #2, I'm ok with either. I should probably take a more recent video and post that up, I'll see if I can do that tonight. These videos were taken about a month ago, and I have worked on my setup since, and I think I have less head movement now. 
Thanks for the replies guys, I should add lately I have been hitting behind the ball about 4", so for now iacus has me working on key #2, once I get that sorted out ill post up some more vids. Also since I took this video I have changed my grip a little putting the club more into my fingers in he left hand, and changed my setup to be more of the reverse k.
I've been Playing Golf for: 4 yrs​  My average score is: 95 My typical ball flight is: straight slice or push slice The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: The slice, I'd like to either draw the ball or turn the slice into a manageable fade Videos: http://youtu.be/feaEVYl7O40 http://youtu.be/n6W9SSMs_z0 http://youtu.be/1thiQs1R01c
I have the amp cell irons, and I love them. Best clubs I've ever had, and I wouldn't trade them for  anything right now. I got mine off of ebay a year ago for $199, well worth it.
It looks really cool to me as well, but I've got enough gadgets, and I just want to improve my game for now. Now if it was less than 250 I might give it a look.
I wouldn't get it just because I wouldn't want to mess with it. But I wouldn't mind using it for a few rounds just to see where I can pick up some strokes, it's probably a good way to look at your rounds and see where you can improve.
Ha Matlab haven't heard of that since college, and data mining.
Yep that's called gamegolf.
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