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 $500 for a used set where are you buying your clubs at? I have a used set of clubs I'll sell you. My first set cost me $180 that's putter, bag, driver, irons brand new 3 years ago, I could still be playing with those clubs too, they were fine, I just got the itch and wanted new clubs. It cost me $8 to play at my muni courses because I walk, and have a discount book that gives me twilight rates during the week, if I don't use it, and I walk it's still only $15 still $30...
Yea I have a mount for my camera plus I do most of my practicing in slow motion in front of a mirror.
This is why I'm looking at the swing I want better contact, more consistency and something I don't have to practice night and day to be decent at it.
Yea I really haven't found a good instructor in my area in any swing pattern not just s&t. The only think I don't like about his videos is that he wears black pants so it's really hard to see his leg positions.
Aren't they pretty much the same thing? Looking at the s&t setup it's pretty much the same thing the guys at 5sk do, centered pivot taught by s&t steady head by 5sk, weight forward @ impact s&t and 5sk, etc..
Has anyone seen Darren Hopwoods videos on you tube about the s&t swing? What do you think about them?
I'm biased because I live here, and was there but I thought it was one of the better tournaments that I have seen. With 5 players all within reach of winning it for most of the final day it ends up being quite an exciting finish, if rather see that then a blowout by one player.
Oops I'm usually in my phone so sometimes that happens :)Thanks I'll give this video a look, I usually practice it in front of a mirror so that won't be an issue. Last night I made a point of setting up with a little more weight to my front side more like s&t and I think that helped some.
I read on the 5sk site that some vertical head movement is ok, but lateral is bad. If I have vertical head movement doesn't that mean I need to compensate in someway? It does happen about 3/4 of the way back when I start to stretch and really push to get my shoulders turned 90*.Also is there any drills that can help me keep my head centered in the downswing, I have problems keeping my head centered while sliding my hips and weight forward.@mvmac
I'm working on getting a centered pivot, and my issue is I have trouble with my head moving down towards the ground about 2 or 3 inches in the back swing, could this be because as I get toward the top of my back swing I don't extend or stand up a little like you mention in your video? I've gotten it to where I keep my head pretty steady left to right, but can't still figure out why I dip my head a little bit in the back swing.
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