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Played 18 today, practiced my downswing transition in my pre-shot routine.
Did this again!
Ha! That's Candace Romo, Kostis can only dream about her being his wife.
Did closed face drill outside with a club.
I have a gamegolf and a gps watch, I think it would be awesome if I could combine the 2 into one device which this seems to do. But I'm curious if I need to pair it with my phone. Which I like gamegolf and my watch because I don't have to carry or ever look at my phone.  The swing analysis it probably works a lot like 3bays or whatever the swing analyzer is that connects to your glove. I don't know if I would ever use that in a round, though. If I'm playing I don't really...
Has anyone seen this yet? Looks pretty cool, I like the gps and combination of game golf. I dont know if I would ever use the swing analysis stuff.   http://shop.piq.com/pages/golf
None, your body treats them all the same, they all cause an insulin spike in your body and are all not good for you. If anyone has Netflix watch a documentary called fed up.
Practiced downswing transition inside without a club
Practiced downswing transition with s club inside.
Practiced transition inside in front of a mirror.
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