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Practiced transition outside with a club and camera.
I'm curious if doing this has improved your game at all?
Practiced transition piece inside with a club and mirror.
Practiced transition outside with a club by hitting chips.
Couple questions on the driver, I get the ball a lot better and straighter if I "feel" like I use all arms and turn really late. Now that's not what I'm actually doing. With a driver should I be pushing my hips more torwards first base longer before turning? Because with a iron I shift and turn at the same time.
I am working on making my transition better and the beginning of the downswing and was wondering what do you do? Do you "motorcycle rev" with your right hand, do you bring your right elbow to your right hip, do you feel like you are trying to pin something between your left arm and upper chest(arm pit area)?   What do you guys do?
Practiced my transition move in front of a mirror inside without a club. Also practiced hitting my driver at the range with a club, duh!
Practiced downswing transition outside with a club.
Practiced my transition with a club outside also started filming my practice yesterday because if I'm not infrint of a mirror I think I'm doing it right but found out yesterday what I thought was right wasn't.
I hit my 7i 200 yards one time, I hit it maybe the best i ever have, it bounced off a tree and rolled about 60 yards. I hit it a gain and it went about 140 yards. Wait is 170 in one shot?
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