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Here are some updated front on videos, sorry couldn't get dtl today or didn't get my whole head into the video. Been working on steady head and weight forward, any thoughts? Also I want to add I pause at the top because I'm working on moving my weight forward to start the downswing into my swing, so I'm pausing at the top to focus on what I need to do to move it forward.
Lol no problem.I'll give that a try and try and in grain that feeling.
@iacasI'm confused with the weight moving forward in the backswing comment, what do you mean I was asking about the downswing. Was that in reference to something else earlier in the thread?What should I be doing to keep my head at the same level as was at setup in the downswing? Because I would think that if my lower half shift forward towards the target and my upper center stays over the ball then unless my spine gets longer then wouldn't my head move down towards the ball?
Question for anyone that uses s&t, is it ok for my head to move down in the downswing as my weight moves forward? If not what should I do to keep my head at the same height as it was at address?
Last time I went out it was 90 and humid, heat index of over a 100 and I walked. I drank a bottle of water every 3 holes, 6 total for the round and I still felt dehydrated when I was done. Only drink water if you're worried about dehydration, gatorade is full of sodium and will increase it, carbonated drinks will actually slow the intake into your system and you will lose water faster. 
I agree, but what worked best for me is to focus in one aspect of the swing like the backswing first. This is a good video on the backswing to get a centered turn, http://youtu.be/3Jr1hUhILyM
You can practice this without hitting a ball, using a mirror at home, put some tape on the mirror and take your stance and make some very slow back swings. When you get to the top check to make sure your head didn't move, a little is ok say an inch but the less the better. Then do the downswing real slow again, checking your head at impact.
Biggest problem I see is your swinging backwards, you should be standing on the other side of the ball =)   Seriously tho, it looks to me I can't really tell but you aren't getting much of a wrist hinge in the backswing. Also your head is moving way up on the backswing and back down on the downswing. That is going to make it hard to get the club back to the same place at impact, because you have to time it perfectly. I would start with a steady head, and then work on #2...
So I bought the s&t book and have read up to chapter 3 and so far my biggest takeaway from the book is I only need to turn my shoulders 45* and my hips 45* to get the 90* turn, this is pretty big for me because while I was turning my hips I was doing so be turning only my shoulders which in turn was causing my head to dip a few inches about half way back in my backswing. Also it helps if I start the backswing by moving my shoulder down and then finish my turn by rotating...
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