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So we are supposed to be posting everyday?I got my 5 in today, working on not rolling my wrists so much on the backswing.
Been a while since I posted some progress here is my latest swing videos. I am current working on relaxing my arms some at setup, bending my knees a little more, and not being so laid off at the top of my backswing.
 I had this problem once on a course where the tee for a par 3 and a par 4 were real close together and gg got confused. I ended up deleting one of the holes and putting it manually.
Currently I'm a digger as I'm hitting everything fat, either right at the ball or before it.
Here is a pretty old video by Martin Chuck but I think it pretty much sums up the book.  
 I wear mine on my belt and have zero issues with accuracy. Plus I would think being in a moving car would cause more issues for signals than some clouds or trees. The GPS in phones work perfectly fine when using them with apps like google maps, I don't see this being any different. His device is probably hosed in someway.
Excitement and then crickets!     I would like to know how game golf calculates handicap and how it differs from the usga?
First time out this year not as terrible as I thought I would be, only got to play 8 holes because of slow play and we had to go. Had a fall apart hole, on 3 bad tee shot led to hitting a tree, to hitting another tree, should have been on the green in no more than 3 hits.   http://www.gamegolf.com/player/RobButenko/round/267927
 Yea that is where I am at, I decided last year to fix my swing on my own using the 5sk's. I had gotten down to being around a 90's score consistently but after starting to make changes I went up to over a 100 again, at the end of last year I decided to get some help and signed up with evolvr, and have been making changes all winter long. At the end of last year I was back down to 98-99 or so, my goal this year is to get back down to 90's consistently and maybe break into...
 Well I haven't really noticed fatigue as much when practicing, I really meant when playing. Especially after the long winter layoff around hole 12 or so I start getting tired and my fundamentals go to crap. I know this can be helped though by getting in better shape which I plan on doing this year.  I think this is what it is going to come down to for me as well, is when I do a practice swing i focus on doing my piece correctly, but if I do this during the swing I hit a...
New Posts  All Forums: