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This may be a dumb question but if he were to get in a PGA tour event would they allow him to ride in a cart or would he have to walk?
I'm looking to get a net for backyard practice with probably almost golf balls. I want to use almost golf balls just incase one misses the net. Can someone recommend a good net for under $100? What's a good size? What do you guys have?
 I hope so, the last big break it just seemed like there was just not a lot of talent there. Almost like they picked the contestants based on personality instead of talent.
I was just saying that you can, and should work on both at the same time if you need to, and I don't think evolvr's instructors mind.
I can agree with that, the whole show was just boring and un-eventful other than the stuff Anthony did.
I have not had any issues with mine yet.
Really, he was entertaining but he was just childish and arrogant, I really liked Jimmy and wanted him to win.
Well I watched the meet the players and everyone seemed pretty cool. And there doesn't really seem to be anyone annoying like Anthony was last season. Also it's not coed this time, not that I have anything against the ladies I just don't like the coed seasons that I have seen.Yea those two brothers have a bunch of trick shot videos, I think they will be interesting to watch and see how well they can actually play.Now hopefully they added a host that can add to the show,...
I don't see a thread on this yet so I'd thought I'd start one. What do you guys think? This season looks to be far better than the last few, I can't wait.
 I've done this too.When it comes to the full swing yes, you should work on what they tell you to work on and that is it. But if you have read LSW you should practice your full swing but, it doesn't hurt to practice your short game too.
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