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  I mostly play the metro park courses but some nice public courses in the $30-$50 range are Quail Chase, Heritage Hill, Glenmary Country Club.
I'm in KY and it depends on the winter. It usually starts to warm up the end of feb or beginning of march. Most the courses are open all year here I think, I usually start playing end of march.
Yea it is pretty long I was more interested in the comparison of the baseball impact zone and the golf impact zone.
Just curious what everyone's thoughts were on this video I saw on youtube today.     
 Right I'm happy with my putting technique, and don't want to change it. The aiming technique helped me a lot, I know concentrate on hitting a piece of grass or something 4 inches in front of the ball and try to ignore that the ball is there. That along helped me out a lot with hitting fat and thin shots, I've only been able to use it once but it made a big difference for me. 
Just started reading this book, is he really suggesting a flat left wrist for putting? From looking at the pictures in the book it looks like his wrist is cupped a little bit, what is his definition of a flat left wrist?
I think mine is my game golf too, me second favorite is my rbz 3 wood I hit that thing so well it's hard not to love it.
I'd suggest giving the yellow or orange balls a try, I use them because I too find white balls easy to lose in the air. I can see the yellow ones a lot better. You can get some wilson 50's yellow for $12 at Walmart to try yellow out.
I got the skypro for Christmas last year and I like it even though I haven't used it a whole lot. It's nice because it uses your phone to calibrate to the face of the club so you don't have to eyeball alignment. It has some pretty cool features, like groove where you try to hit the correct position 10 times, and you can even use it with your putter. Unfortunately for android users it doesn't have an android version yet, but the founders of it post on another forum I'm on...
Lol! I knew the guy I paid in the club house looked suspicious!They usually start putting the sand down around this time of year here, usually you can't really see it or noticed it till you pick your ball up or put your putter back in your bag and it's coated with sand. I talked to the guys in front of me while waiting on them to hit and they were clueless to as to why the greens were like that. Not all of them were like that I'd say maybe a 3rd of the holes were though.
New Posts  All Forums: