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I watched it. I was really impressed with the kids, not just their playing ability but their manners, attitude, and respect for the game of golf. Those kids showed a much more mature attitude towards sportsmanship and the game they love than kids who play any other sport. I say that as one who coached kids baseball for many years. 
My A wedge is cast and here I was thinking I must be an idiot...Wait a minute, my sand wedge is forged! So what does that make me?
Hey you could wear worse things while on the fairway, like flip flops. 
My two grandsons are now playing golf with me. The oldest one Austen just turned 14 and the younger Carson is 11. Austen has a hand me down set of RAM clubs that I gave him and Carson has a kids set of Titechs that we gave him for Christmas. I find it to be quite a bit of fun to help them out. It could be they get a bit tired of me "showing them how to do it" but they always want to play again.    Last week after a round of nine playing with a friend of mine we decided...
Yep, I have to agree with this post. I tried to cure the same problem you are having with mid sized grips. Didn't work. I found out I didn't like the grips either and they were top of the line GP muticompound. When it came time to re grip again I went back to the Callaway stock grips standard size.  By the way, one of the pro shop guys at the course where I play the most saw one of my flip shots that went short and to the right. He told me I was all arms and that I wasn't...
My wife and I both own a nice looking hooded Izod golf windbreaker, the kind that folds up into its own pocket. Mine is red, hers is khaki. I sometimes borrow hers. It fits me a bit tighter because it is a size M mine is a Large.   They are both men's jackets or gender neutral I guess. I suppose my answer to your question is: I won't wear golf clothes designed specifically for women. 
Good clubs if you don't mind a bit of rust showing up. 
Nope, I have a 2 hybrid which I use sparingly. 
Try looking at this site and then give Callaway a call. They are very helpful. I am very happy with the service I have gotten from the folks on the phone.    http://www.callawaygolfpreowned.com/clubs/womens,default,sc.html
I upgraded my clubs...all are used except for the driver and putter which were the last years model when I purchased them. My irons I bought from Callawaygolfpreowned.com...they looked brand new, half the set was still in plastic. For example...set of Razr HLs 4-6 hybrid, 7-aw, graphite shafts in very good shape 375 bucks. 
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