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I have similar issues after breaking my left ankle which lead to limited left hip mobility. Did a TPI screening and was told to do the above stretch. Look for "tactical frog" and you'll see variations. Lifting the foot, rotating the hip forward and down then going back to seated position while trying to keep the foot up will really loosing things up.
Get a Niblick. I got a 42 degree when they came out and I was at the end of my rope with my short game. Since moved away from it but it is an easy to hit club. Hit fat and it still skids into the ball, come in steep it can still spin the ball and stop it from going too far past. If you are thinking of putting from off the green - use a fairway wood or hybrid instead of the putter. It's magic.
I have bought mint "recycled" from knet that were great. Then I made the mistake of buying "refinished" balls - essentially a bad paint job and the ball did not feel like the new or recycled version - waste of money. I'd stick with recycled.
According to this article, Casey said he was offered to be dropped off at one location. It does not say if he was offered a scooter in lieu of the cart. He was there to follow a couple of prospects but still technically a spectator, as any other college recruiters would be. "I said, 'Let me ride this.' He apologized but said he couldn't. I said, 'I know I can use this cart, but if not, can you or someone take me around?' He said, 'We can take you to a point on the...
Found a PDF for this a couple of years ago - think I had to go to archive.org and search benhogan.com in 2006. Anyhoo, these are the specs for the CFT and CFT Hybrids. Yes, 4 is stiff.
That's why Nicklaus said he never grounded his club. If it accidentally moved, he technically, had not addressed the ball. So, if you ground the club in front, just don't hit the ball as you move your club back over the ball.
What he said was wrong and stupid. As a non-American, I feel "black people eat fried chicken" is an American based racial stereotype. In my neighbourhood the racial stereotype could easliy be "black people eat jerk chicken (or patties or goat roti)." KFC up here is just a fast food place, not a symbol of racial inequality and I'd imagine even less in Eupore.
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